Street Art Mocking Biden & Fauci’s Regime Appears Overnight in D.C.

The four separate art pieces ridicule Biden and Fauci’s COVID dictates and hysteria.

The first piece shows an angry Biden holding up a hammer that says “OSHA” surrounded by the word “comply.”

Terrifying VAERS Entry Documents “Unexplained Tumor Growth” in Chest Cavity, Death Less Than 30 Days After Pfizer Vaccine

According to VAERS ID #1997540, the death of a 34-year-old male from Illinois happened less than a month after his first dose of the experimental Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA jab he received on September 9, 2021.

“Patient death 10/4/2021, less than 30 days post vaccine,” the report states.

Doctors explained they examined CT scans, chest x-rays and blood work, and determined the patient suffered “Unprecedented and unexplained tumor growth throughout chest cavity. Liver 3 times normal size.”

The report quotes the attending oncologist, thoracic surgeon, ICU doctor and cardiologist as saying, “I’ve never seen anything like this,” and, “We thought we were looking at someone else’s scans.”

The horrific nature of this entry and many others like it might explain why the establishment downplays VAERS and refuses to acknowledge many of the disturbing reports emerging from the database.

Artist plans to have rare offering to purchase originals

FUMASi known for anonymous street art has planned to sell original art at pop up random locations. This is a Gonzo displaying that will give the rare opportunity of owning an original work. No clues besides “Northern California Bay Area” and “you will know when you are near” was given to where the displayed art will be available.

…Wine ART News

Nelly Responds to Claim That He Lost $300K and Rewarded Person Who Found It With $100

A woman claims she found $300K in a duffel bag that Nelly lost—and that she was only given $100 when she returned it.

Nelly, meanwhile, is denying the incident, saying he didn’t lose any money at all. He commented underneath an Instagram post from the Neighborhood Talk, which shows a video of the woman being clowned by her friends for returning the money.

The Story Behind Banksy

On his way to becoming an international icon, the subversive and secretive street artist turned the art world upside-down

When Time magazine selected the British artist Banksy—graffiti master, painter, activist, filmmaker and all-purpose provocateur—for its list of the world’s 100 most influential people in 2010, he found himself in the company of Barack Obama, Steve Jobs and Lady Gaga. He supplied a picture of himself with a paper bag (recyclable, naturally) over his head. Most of his fans don’t really want to know who he is (and have loudly protested Fleet Street attempts to unmask him). But they do want to follow his upward tra­jectory from the outlaw spraying—or, as the argot has it, “bombing”—walls in Bristol, England, during the 1990s to the artist whose work commands hundreds of thousands of dollars in the auction houses of Britain and America. Today, he has bombed cities from Vienna to San Francisco, Barcelona to Paris and Detroit. And he has moved from graffiti on gritty urban walls to paint on canvas, conceptual sculpture and even film, with the guileful documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, which was nominated for an Academy Award.

Pest Control, the tongue-in-cheek-titled organization set up by the artist to authenticate the real Banksy artwork, also protects him from prying outsiders. Hiding behind a paper bag, or, more commonly, e-mail, Banksy relentlessly controls his own narrative. His last face-to-face interview took place in 2003.

FUMASi the Street Artist to make a huge impact on the streets of America

Years of covering the streets of Italy has made FUMASi’s coming to America well anticipated. The streets may never be the same and the chance to buy some of his rare mixed media works may be possible in the U.S. , keeping my fingers crossed!

-PK sanFran

The 10 Worst U.S. Presidents 

Not all U.S. presidents are missed once they leave the White House.By U.S. News StaffJuly 6, 2021SaveMore

U.S. News & World Report


Landscape exterior front view of the White House - stock photo



Not all U.S. presidents are missed once they leave the White House. U.S. News averaged the results of three major presidential polls to make its own list of America’s worst presidents.

Read more about the history of presidential rankings.

Read more about the Worst Presidents methodology.

Ron Paul: We Need a Revolution 

A recent Washington Post/University of Maryland poll found that 34 percent of Americans think violent action against the government can be justifiable. This view is held by 40 percent of Republicans and 23 percent of Democrats. The result may seem surprising since leftists have been responsible for much of the recent politically-motivated violence, and many Democrats have called for violence against Trump supporters. However, the cultural Marxists appear to have (temporarily) ceased using violence as a tactic—although had President Trump won reelection, it may well have been ANTIFA members inside the Capitol on January 6 trying to “stop the steal.”

The rising support for violence against government is rooted in the growing (and justified) belief that the people’s liberties are being taken by a ruling class that is indifferent at best, and hostile at worst, to their values and concerns.

The devastation wrought by the lockdowns, as well as the conflict over the promotion of masks, vaccines, critical race theory, and transgenderism, heighten these social tensions.

Another major contributor to the social unrest is the economy. Rising prices combined with supply shortages and the increasing national debt are all signs that we may be witnessing the final days of the Keynesian welfare-warfare state. Unless Congress immediately begins to cut spending and transition to a free-market monetary system, America will soon face a major economic crisis. The crisis will likely be caused by a collapse of the dollar’s value. This will likely lead to increased violence. The violence will start when those who believe they are entitled to live off the stolen property of their fellow citizens decide to take matters into their own hands because the government can no longer do the looting for them.

The only way to avoid this fate is by a revolution. I am not speaking of a violent revolution that replaces one form of authoritarianism with another, but a peaceful revolution of ideas. This revolution aims to replace the authoritarian interventionist ideology that dominates both the left and right wings of the ruling class with the ideas of liberty. Such a revolution would restore respect for individual liberty, constitutional government, free markets, a non-interventionist foreign policy, and sound money.

The revolution of ideas would resolve social conflicts by getting the government out of social issues and instead allowing private property owners to, for example, decide who can and cannot use which restroom on their property. It would also restore control over education to parents. The goal is to respect the rights of each individual to live their lives as they choose as long as they do not violate the rights of others to do the same.

A free market with a sound currency would release lower-income Americans from the Federal Reserve’s inflation tax as well as provide them with expanded economic opportunities. The growing economy would reduce tensions between races and lead Americans to view immigrants as an asset rather than a burden.

A free and peaceful society cannot be brought about by a violent revolution. Instead, it must occur via peaceful conversation of a critical mass of citizens. When that critical mass is reached, even many authoritarian politicians will endorse liberty and limited government out of fear of losing reelection if they do not. Therefore, the best thing those of us who know the truth can do to restore a free society is to convert as many people as possible to the movement for liberty, peace, and prosperity.

Pfizer CEO Admits: “Two Doses of Vaccine Offer Very Limited Protection IF ANY” 

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla admitted that up to two doses of his company’s experimental mRNA vaccine aren’t very effective against Covid-19, if at all.

The chairman of the pharmaceutical company made the astonishing admission Monday during an interview with Yahoo Finance, where he suggested two doses, plus an additional booster dose, were needed to have some semblance of protection – however, not against infection.

Vaccinated groups at highest risk of Covid-19 hospitalisation and death identified using new QCovid tool

Vaccinated groups at highest risk


Researchers from the University of Oxford have today reported on findings on the vaccinated people who are at greatest risk from severe Covid-19 leading to hospitalisation or death from 14 days post the second dose vaccination, when substantial immunity should be expected.

  • New algorithm predicts those most at risk of serious Covid-19 outcomes from 14 or more days after second vaccination dose, when substantial immunity is expected to have developed
  • Authors hope this new risk tool will allow those who perceive risk to be high to make more informed decisions regarding shielding and potentially inform policy and clinical decisions on booster vaccine doses and monoclonal antibodies

In a paper published in the British Medical Journalthey write that by updating the QCovid tool developed in 2020, which directly influenced UK policy in February 2021, adding 1.5 million people in February 2021 to list of those advised to shield, they are able to identify groups more at risk of hospitalisation or death from Covid-19.

They used national linked datasets from general practice, national immunisation and SARS-CoV-2 testing, death registry and hospital episode data, in order to analyse a sample of over 6.9m vaccinated adults, of whom 5.2m had both vaccines doses, which was representative of the UK population as a whole. This sample included 2,031 Covid-19 deaths and 1,929 Covid-19 related hospital admissions, of which 81 deaths and 71 admissions occurred 14 or more days after the second vaccine dose. 

Based on this, the researchers have developed cumulative risk scores to calculate people’s risk of hospitalisation or death from Covid-19 following one, or two vaccination doses. These scores take into account factors including age, sex, ethnic group and the background rate of Covid infections, and in particular highlight an elevated risk to:

  • Those who are immunosuppressed as a result of chemotherapy, a recent bone marrow or solid organ transplant, or HIV/AIDS
  • People with neurological disorders, including dementia and Parkinson’s
  • Care home residents, and those with chronic disorders including Down’s Syndrome 

Infographic | The QCovid risk factors identifiedInfographic | The QCovid risk factors identified

Julia Hippisley-Cox, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology and General Practice at the University of Oxford, co-author of the paper, said:

‘The UK was the first place to implement a vaccination programme and has some of the best clinical research data in the world. We have developed this new tool using the QResearch database, to help the NHS identify which patients are at highest risk of serious outcomes despite vaccination for targeted intervention. This new tool can also inform discussions between doctors and patients about the level of risk to aid shared decision making.’

The researchers report that there were relatively few COVID-19 related hospitalisations or deaths in the group who had received the second dose of any vaccine, meaning that the study lacked the statistical power to determine if the groups listed above are more, or less, at risk following a second vaccine dose compared with following the first dose.

Furthermore, they did not distinguish between type of vaccination offered, and acknowledge that their study may have been limited by factors such as exposure, as occupation for example is not something that is often recorded in general practice or hospital records.

Aziz Sheikh, Professor of Primary Care Research & Development and Director of the Usher Institute at The University of Edinburgh and a co-author of the paper, said:

‘This enormous national study of over 5 million people vaccinated with 2 doses across the UK has found that a small minority of people remain at risk of Covid-19 hospitalisation and death.  Our risk calculator helps to identify those who remain most at risk post-vaccination.’ 

‘Our new QCovid tool, developed with the help of experts from across the UK, has been designed to identify those at high risk who may benefit from interventions such as vaccine booster doses or new treatments such as monoclonal antibodies, which can help reduce the risk of progression SARS-CoV-2 infection to serious Covid-19 outcomes.’ 

The researchers hope that these data can be used in a variety of health and care settings to inform those more likely to be at risk, and potentially help to prioritise those identified for further trials of vaccines, boosters or future preventative therapies. 

Reluctantly Masterful

Recently upon my travels to the great american wine capital known as Napa Valley. The small pocket of mediterranean weather that spreads the delightful climate over a vineyard carpeted landscape spanning from mountain range to mountain range. Some have said a breath of this valley’s air is a source of pure health. I am sure the comments were made in the early years of human settlement of course, but I can report my stay revealed my own breath of fresh air.

During my night life, a common topic seemed to be echoing in conversations at every venue. Many curious mentions about a mysterious local artist had aroused my interest. After a few backroom conversations and unofficial visits with locals that for reasons unknown choose to remain anonymous. I was able to see a glimpse at some rare original art. Works I am told by a Timothy DeVaul and can be described as masterful. The artist as far as I know just a local legend. If this man exists his expression must come with much reluctance. My 10 day stay only produced the privilege 1 short glimpse of rare art. If more has been sewn by the hands of an elusive genius hopefully time will tell. For now I am often stuck mentally reliving the visual pleasure I experienced in that world of wine.

More quest to California to come for the unexpected hidden treasure that may be hidden through the grapevine.

Article provided by NY Trend Press

By Anthony Garcia

They Won’t Leave Him Alone: Twitter Purges Trump’s Blog Account by Matt Vespa

Well, this isn’t exactly shocking. Twitter banned him eons ago. Facebook’s Star Chamber decided to keep Trump banned for another six months. They said they will circle back to it
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U.S. Gives Developing Countries 60 Seconds With Vaccine Patents To Memorize Everything They Can

WASHINGTON—In an effort to combat the Covid-19 pandemic abroad, the U.S. reportedly gave developing countries 60 seconds with patents for the vaccine Thursday to memorize everything they can. “No pens, no paper—just you, your brains, and a minute on the clock,” said U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai, who collected Indian, Colombian, and Peruvian officials’ phones at the door to ensure there wouldn’t be any cheating during their allotted time. “You can come up with some fun mnemonic devices or maybe try putting them in your memory palace; that’s probably your best shot at getting down. Probably best just to quickly skim and get the main gist of the mRNA technology part. Make sure you’re really concentrating because we’re not going to give you any extra time. Sixty seconds means 60 seconds. And remember, your citizens’ lives depend on this, so take it seriously.” At press time, Tai added that there were now 11 seconds left on the clock.

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‘Hope’ Has Become the U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan | National News | US News

U.S. military officials remain optimistic, but unspecific, about how the worsening situation in Afghanistan will improve before the full U.S. withdrawal by September.
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Lawyer claims mob client helped bury Jimmy Hoffa at golf course

A former defense attorney claims his onetime mob client helped bury the famous Teamsters boss under a hole at a Savannah golf course once popular with Mafia bosses.
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Coronavirus pandemic forces sharp price hike on consumer goods – CBS News

Grocery shoppers are seeing sticker shock at the supermarket. At the gas station, prices are up more than 22% from a year ago.
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