3 Myths about Online Casinos Debunked by Science



3 Myths about Online Casinos Debunked by Science –


People have been playing casino games for centuries. More recently, the same games have become available for the masses over the internet, too – and this has prompted a series of individuals and groups to speak against them. These people use arguments like addiction, financial, and social ruin, and similar scary things. Science, in turn, has finally done its job, telling people that they won’t ruin their lives, and society, if they play exciting new online casino games. Here are three major misbeliefs about online casinos that science has debunked in the last decade.

Online gambling is a way of life

Millions of people out there visit online casinos like the 7 Sultans to play. When it comes to visitors, the 7 Sultans easily exceeds some of the smaller – or even larger – real life gambling destinations of the world. Does this make it a way of life for online casino visitors? Science dares to disagree.

A study published a few years ago by the Harvard Medical School’s Division on Addiction that has followed over 4,000 online casino players over the course of nine months, has shown that the average online casino player only visits his or her favorite gaming destination once every two weeks. There are, of course, players that visit these gaming venues more or less frequently. Intense gambling behavior was observed in the case of up to 5% of the total number of players.

People lose a lot of money in online casinos

Funding an online casino account is easy. The 7 Sultans offers its players a great variety of payment options to use, from bank transfers to e-wallets and more. This led to the claims from online gambling opponents that people spend a lot of money on their gaming habit online – another myth debunked by the same study we cited above.

According to the researchers, the average online casino player loses about 5.5% of all the money wagered. This translates to $5.5 for every $100, which is much less than what a Vegas gambler loses in one night of casino playing.

Online gambling leads to an explosion of addiction

Pathological gambling is a serious issue, and the readily available gambling options offered by the internet certainly make it harder for some people to resist. This doesn’t mean, though, that online casinos lead to an explosion of the number of gambling addicts, as their opponents like to claim. This myth, as you might expect, has also been debunked by science.

A study signed by Howard J. Shaffer, Ph.D., and Ryan Martin, Ph.D., has shown that “contrary to predictions derived from the exposure model, the prevalence of PG [pathological gambling] has remained stable or been influenced by adaptation during the past 35 years despite an unprecedented increase in opportunities and access to gambling (e.g., lotteries, casinos, internet gambling) throughout this period.”

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