8 Signs Your IQ Is Lower Than Average

or decades, people have tried to differentiate themselves based on their IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, and there are tens of different tests designed to check and “rate your intelligence”. These tests are highly controversial, as many people say that wits and intelligence are two radically different things. One thing is for sure, though: you can easily train your intelligence in the long run, provided that there is no congenital defect that prevents you from doing so.

When it comes to the average IQ, it usually tends to range between 85 and 115 and it varies greatly from one country to another. The chronological age and the mental age of the subject can also determine the average intelligence for a particular person, given the fact that this is highly individual. If you believe that you or your child may have a lower IQ than average, then here are some of the most common signs you should pay attention to:


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