Keith Olbermann Melts Down On Twitter: ‘Resign You Mother******* Traitor’

Tuesday morning, former MSNBC host and current GQ contributor Keith Olbermann lambasted Donald Trump for allegedly divulging classified information to Russia.


“YOU are the leaker, you stupid, pea-brained, mother******* traitor. RESIGN,” Olbermann wrote in response to Trump’s tweet blaming James Comey and the intelligence community for allegedly leaking highly classified information.

In September, Olbermann started hosting a twice-weekly GQ web series covering the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Originally titled “The Closer” with Keith Olbermann, the series changed its name to “The Resistance” following Trump’s election. The series features Olbermann delivering political takedowns against the Trump administration. (RELATED: Olbermann’s Set For YouTube Show Looks Like It’s Made Of Construction Paper)

During Monday’s episode, Olbermann accused Trump of committing 17 impeachable offenses in a single week.

“Donald Trump has now eliminated his own benefit of the confusion,” remarked Olbermann. “The Trump-Russia cover-up case is now about threatening people and firing people and pressuring people to keep them from investigating you and your colleagues.”

“The smoke doesn’t matter anymore,” he added. “Who needs Russian smoke when the White House is on fire?”

Davis Richardson is a writer whose work has appeared in VICE, Nylon Magazine, The Daily Caller, and WIRED. Follow him on Twitter

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