Senate Intelligence Committee chairman is skeptical about Comey memo as he says ‘the burden is on The New York Times’ to prove it’s real

  • Memo written by fired FBI Director James Comey after February 14 meeting with Donald Trump describes the president asking him to drop his Mike Flynn probe
  • The White House denies the claim, saying it’s ‘not a truthful or accurate portrayal of the conversation’ 
  • Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr says he’s skeptical the memo exists
  • House Intelligence Committee’s ranking Democrat says: ‘We need to get those notes, if they exist’
  • Senator Lindsey Graham believes Comey should have quit on the spot if the president asked him to close the Flynn investigation
  • The federal law against obstruction is purposely broad and could form the basis for an impeachment case against Trump
  • Sen. Richard Burr (left), the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, says skeptical about the existence of a memo written by former FBI Director Jim Comey that reportedly describes President Donald Trump asking him to close down his probe into Mike Flynn's Russia ties

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