May 19 (UPI) — A kung fu master in China showed off his strength in a highly unusual way — using his genitals to pull an entire bus.

The video, filmed May 2, shows the kung fu master in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, using a rope attached to his nether regions to pull the bus, which reportedly weighs more than 13 tons.

The martial artist pulled the vehicle a distance of more than 6 feet.

Kung fu master uses genitals to pull bus down street

Groin-based kung fu training appears to be on the rise in China, with a group of students appearing in a video last month dangling heavy wooden boxes from their private parts.

Master Wei Yaobin, known as the “Iron Crotch Kung Fu Master,” went viral in February with a video showing him and some of his students taking strong blows to the groin. Wei claims his form of kung fu can help men overcome erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.


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