Before there was a Silicon Valley there was Wood

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by: Jack L

He and others were the pioneers of the digital world that is now the way of life for new generations. Now born into this base reality is a millennial generation. The standard operating protocol of a computer always in reach and the access of info never that hard to produce. Information runs both ways I am reminded as I sit down with Wood. Jon Wood, an architect of  sort. It was ideas from him and other early thinkers that lead to the development of software that is now the standard in industry like aeronautics and surveillance. Those industry’s are both in bedded in the the military and security markets. So when asked what projects the 60 year old techie  institutor had been working on we didn’t get any details besides “some consulting for companies like Hulu”, and the contributions in the music industry. Well until he opened the door to tease us with what almost could be description of top secrets and said…

“well yeah,…what I will say is projects that are developing computer type programs are not even marketable yet. The technology has no value because its applicable only to a hardware we aren’t even close obtaining in our markets…”

“you almost don’t notice the trickle down of technology….”

“…of coarse the tech is very important in the obtain and sustain of power and then when it yields to the new its engineered into another sinister plan that you will not be able to live with out.”

Were you not a contributor to a new age of security? i asked.

“Well that’s a tricky question… We (us who laid the foundation for new markets in digital tech) all new that security for the digital environment is an enigma. Sure the security like John McAfee was doing was and is necessary he and everyone new its just cat and mouse game. You find the vulnerabilities before they were exploited, which with all the software being developed was giving all sorts of ways to hack and the companies were not liable or responsible for fixing the holes they were making. John is a very brilliant man and when he owned the company it was marketed differently. As long as the human interface was needed to access data then it will never be secure, period. So myself and others got into conversion of hard data to digital and surveillance . That’s where my reputation for security comes from… its security from tangible data that then was converted to digital and never be secured.”

…its like a football game where the goal was the data, so you stored it behind the goal line and security was the defense. now the offense you have no way to accurately profile because they either all look the same or made to look like someone else. On top of that they are very cunning and very persistent. Oh and in football terms  they had unlimited downs. So its only a matter of time till the defense has their backs at the goal line. At least football you kinda know the plays that might be used.

“all it takes is very little skill to obtain passwords or capitalize on a human error so its all unsecured and so whats the threat? its not the inconvenience of stopping your debit account and ordering new card…

…its data itself , they turned data into a weapon and its so much data that its ready for warfare. I am telling you its tested and very deadly.”

“…the type of shit that will trickle down will be first a tool to attack the the average chump until they get the new shit then they sell you the old shit so your neighbor kid can’t watch your wife take a shit while she orders a new toy to ram up your ass.”

“…just keep an eye on where the programs come from because whoever develops them can’t secure it, remember that.”

“I should develop a data proof vest cause you wont keep the data safe especially while all your appliances and cameras, phones and TVs become smarter than you…”

This was an interview from 2010, now I see he wasn’t a half drunk hi tech has been.

perhaps his clearance is higher than he could discuss.

I am told he resides now in the mountains of Northern California, not a bad place to have to go look.

I will keep you posted.

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