Machete-Wielding Clown Terrorizes Drivers Along California Highway

Just when you thought this was over, the creepy clowns are back!

A clown, dressed in a colorful blue suit, was spotted standing along Highway 101 in California on Wednesday, wielding what appeared to be a bloody machete over his head.

Needless to say, his creepy outfit freaked out quite a few drivers, many of whom called 911 asking for help.

When deputies from the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene with guns, they handcuffed and questioned the man behind the stunt, who was later identified as 61-year-old Larry Tovey.

While his tomfoolery certainly didn’t amuse motorists, the man was not charged because no one was directly threatened by him with the machete, the department explained on Facebook, before adding that the “blood” on the tool was just cotton with red dye.

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“Just carrying it doesn’t make it a deadly weapon,” the Sheriff’s deputies wrote on their Facebook page. “It’s actually a tool and since he didn’t use it as a deadly weapon to threaten someone, there was no crime.”

A psychiatric evaluation was performed at the scene, but officers quickly determined the only thing Tovey suffers from is a twisted sense of humor.

“It stands to reason he may have threatened someone, but we don’t have any information on that,” the sheriff’s continued “So we may not arrest on what he might have done.”

The police have advised other mischievous clowns to stay away from the highway.

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