‘Blue Collar Golfer’ John Daly Sticks Up for Pal President Trump

The “Grip it and Rip it” guy, John Daly, took the time to rip anti-Trump Protesters, Democrats, and Hillary Clinton this week at a pre-tournament news conference.

Responding to a question regarding protesters preparing to bash President Trump at this week’s Champions Tour tournament, Daly said people “should leave him alone.”

The two-time major winner, known for his prodigious length off the tee, turned 50 last year allowing him to concentrate his efforts on the Champions Tour. A long time friend of the president and former playing partner at a Pro-Am in Massachusetts in 1992, Daly said: “I love what he’s doing for our country.”

Demonstrators at the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship at Trump National Golf staged a “Please Go Away (PGA) Protest, using the hashtag #dumptrump and featuring a logo of a Trump hairpiece on top of a KitchenAid mixer” reported USA Today.

“I just ignore them,” the Blue Collar Golfer said. “I think that’s the thing you got to do. He’s the President of the United States; I think people need to get on his wagon and ride with him and let him do what he’s doing and leave him alone. It’s not going to change for at least, you know, this year and three more.

“So, it just seems like the Democrats always have a problem when a Republican gets in office. Republicans seem to kind of put up with the Democrats sometimes, we just go along with it. But I think they just need to leave him alone and let him do what he’s doing. I think he’s doing a hell of a job. I really do.”

When asked about investigations involving the Trump administration, Daly explained they should perhaps be investigating someone else, “I think we still need to worry about Hillary (Clinton) and what her and Bill did all these years. That’s the ones we really need to worry about.”

The popular golfer added, “there’s been a lot of things going on with the Democrats that people just want to ignore now. They don’t, they just want to pick on my buddy. Let him do his job and just see what he does. He’s doing great so far.”

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