Hamerton Zoo tiger attack witness describes hearing screams as keepers ‘threw meat over the enclosure to entice tiger away’

Family man was left feeling helpless as he saw the dramatic scenes unfold

An eyewitness to Hamerton Zoo’s tiger attack has described dramatic scenes as zoo-keepers desperately tried to shoo the animal away from a member of staff.

A female member of staff was mauled to death by a tiger within an enclosure at around 11am today (May 29).

Pete Davies, 55, who was visiting the park with his partner and son, told the News of the moment he and his family feared for their lives.

Recap: Hamerton Zoo staff member dies in ‘freak accident’ after being mauled by tiger

He said: “We were at the tiger enclosure and there was a guy who was ahead of us with a camera taking photos of animals.

“He was in the next closure, he came running past us really quickly. Then he came back with a few zoo keepers to the viewing area of where the tiger was, and then we heard a girl screaming and another one said ‘run to us,’ so we found a small room and stayed there until it was safe to leave.

“There was no tiger on the loose because they said we can go into the next part.

“The zoo keepers had their heads in their hands, and didn’t know what to do, throwing meat over the enclosure to entice the tiger away. They shouted stuff.

“It went on for too long. Then we were ushered out and left.

“We didn’t see anything because it happened behind a mound of grass.

“It was a case of total panic.
“People were really scared, they asked us to leave straight after that and closed the park.
“It was quite early in the day so there can’t have been more than a hundred or so people there.”




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