WaPo: Sheriffs ‘Enthusiastic’ About Helping Deport Illegal Immigrants

American sheriffs around the country are “enthusiastic” to work with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to help deport criminal illegal aliens, according to a new report.

A Washington Post piece describes the vast majority of sheriffs across the U.S. as being aligned with President Donald Trump’s immigration enforcement measures:

A week ago Monday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that any city that refuses to share information with the federal government about immigrants could lose federal funding. Called sanctuary cities and states, these geographic entities resisting the Trump administration’s efforts to increase immigration enforcement have gotten a great deal of news coverage.

But what about their opposites — the local governments eager to enforce the new immigration mandates? County sheriffs, who are largely elected via popular vote, play an important and often ignored role in immigration enforcement — and are more likely to support federal enforcement efforts than comparable local officials.

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