A naked woman appears at a garbage bin, and it sets off a fight



A naked woman at a garbage bin has set off a dispute between city and property owner.

The owner complained to the city of Bradenton about the naked woman using the ground as a bathroom while he was taking out the trash, the Bradenton Herald reports.

But city says it’s his own fault.


Because a new garbage bin enclosure outside the law and insurance office is too small for garbage pickup, forcing the garbage bin to remain outside its walls, the city says.

But the enclosure is apparently plenty big for use of a personal restroom.

Property owner Jay Taylor said the city, by refusing to allow the bin inside the smaller enclosure, essentially “created a hotel” for the homeless to sleep and use the restroom.

Vice Mayor Patrick Roff said this has been a nine-month issue without resolution. He said everyone is missing the bigger picture.

“You guys don’t live in the homeless community like I do in Ward 3, and if they can find a nook or cranny, they will find it,” Roff said. “They have been using this bin area for all kinds of necessary human activities.”

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