Get Me Ron Paul!

Article written by : Knox  Buhman

It was only 5 years ago, a long shot we all new. It was one man against a whole establishment that would bend the rules if they had to. Ron Paul is not a media slayer like Trump, and rarely a bad comment about any one. The man who delivered almost as many babies during his practice as lives we lost in Iraq over the last 15 years, armed with his weapon of choice… Principal.

Those of us who know he was cheated , actually saw it happening there in the trenches first hand, realized the world was robbed. Ron Paul has been the ships anchor that has held this country by its strings to what the founders intended for us to have. For at least the last 5o years Dr. Paul has made it his duty to rise up to inspire another generation to fight for the only thing worth fighting for when everything around you is corrupt… “Liberty”.

The young have no guidance in the true spirit of liberty I am afraid. And it doesn’t take long for the fever of liberty to wear off when the clueless base of society takes it for granted … hell Dancing With Stars is on. The crowd chanting “build the wall” and “Lock her up” might even accept Vince McMahon as an alternative candidate for commander in chief. The Democrats would be lost because Vince Writes his own scandals and good guy / bad guy… he decides depending on new Talent and ratings.

What happened to the Libertarian Revolution that was steam rolling the establishments hijacked Tea Party?…

Three things or people in my view, lets start with the nail in the coffin… Gary Johnson. WTF ? Why didn’t anybody tell us this guy relies on the Koch Bros. for his fix of antidepressants. This guy turns out nuttier than a squirrel turd. And it didn’t help that the damn party’s elite sold out with him. Totally threw the whole bond binding libertarians into a death spin of confusion. Nothing left to identify with since the party nominee no longer fights for the whole constitution. He just made a new platform for the libertarian party after nomination.

Number 2, Rand…he said that outsider thing every one wants … yeah we are going inside. Lost the base he had built in to his run like faster than Trump can tweet a come back zinger. I get his game plan but Ron Paul’s legacy will not be playing that game Son. By the way you got spanked by an outsider. Word is there was a debate as to run Ron again or it was time for Rand to become the principal for prosperity, that ever burning torch that leads the march for liberty. It caused an upheaval of tempers within the Paul organization which led to Ron stepping aside.

Ron wants what is best for the country he fought to protect. He stands for freedom that makes us all sovereign individuals with liberty only yielded by ones action that denies someone else their life, liberty or pursuit of happiness!

..I am ranting sorry…I get worked up .. a little heated.

Stay tuned for #3 and more while I cool down

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