Video: Even Hillary’s ‘PR Person’ Says She’s “Drawing a Conspiracy Theory” Over Russia/Trump “She doesn’t have the evidence”

In another bizarre appearance Wednesday, Hillary Clinton blamed everyone except herself for her election loss to Donald Trump, espousing unsubstantiated claims, and leading even her most ardent supporters in the media to admit she is ‘drawing conspiracy theories’.

NBC anchor Andrea Mitchell, who Trump referred to as Hillary’s “PR person” during the campaign owing to such partisan reporting, had some sobering comments following the appearance.

“She’s basically pointing to the Trump campaign, saying that the dots are now being connected in the investigation,” Mitchell said, appearing on Rachel Maddow’s show.

Video: Even Hillary's 'PR Person' Says She's "Drawing a Conspiracy Theory" Over Russia/Trump

“She mentioned Jared Kushner, she mentioned Bannon and Kellyanne Conway in the context of the fact that the Mercers, the big fundraisers who contribute to the campaign and owned Cambridge Analytics, had said to Trump, ‘Bring on Bannon from Breitbart, bring on Kellyanne Conway,’ who are already on their payroll, as part of the deal.” Mitchell continued.

“And that they connected with the data bank and the RNC. So she’s drawing a conspiracy theory. She doesn’t have the evidence, but she is obviously hoping that this is what Robert Mueller and what the congressional committees can do.”

Mitchell again lamented that Clinton was refusing to take responsibility for her loss, including her refusal to visit key states that Trump managed to swing for the GOP.

The latest reality check for Hillary comes after the fake media that had supported her during the campaign turned against her last month, even calling her ‘pathetic,’ when she first refused to take responsibility for the election.

“What about her responsibility for failing to have a better message?” Mitchell noted at the time.

“She says it was not a perfect campaign, but no mention of her failure to go to Wisconsin, to campaign earlier in Michigan, connect with rust belt voters in Pennsylvania—all blue states that went for Donald Trump—or why the first female nominee could not win a majority of white college-educated women,” Mitchell added.

Clinton was speaking at Recode‘s Code Conference in California Wednesday, where she again repeated numerous excuses to explain away the dreadful election campaign against Trump.

Hillary blamed everyone and everything for her loss, including former FBI Director James Comey and The New York Times:

The Russians, Infowars and Wikileaks:


The Democratic National Committee:

Coverage of her private speeches to mega rich bankers:

Hillary even blamed her own supporters and the media for having “a very broad assumption I was going to win”:

Wikileaks’ own Julian Assange hit back at Clinton with a zinger of a tweet that encapsulated what everyone, even Hillary supporters, were thinking:


Perhaps the only statement Hillary made that pleased anyone during this performance was that she is definitely not going to run for President again:


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