39 Problems And A Hillary Ain’t One

Former Secretary of State and, more recently, presidential loser Hillary Clinton was an ironic choice for a featured speaker at a tech conference, considering her staff’s documented abuse of technological devices, but ReCode booked her and MSNBC reliably aired her sore-loser antics.

Pressed on the reasons she lost, Hillary had beefed up her list. Now, the people and things responsible for her big-league loss to Donald Trump, now President Trump, includes many new factors. They include Macedonian guys, weaponized information, PizzaGate, Scott Walker, the mainstream media, people who didn’t show up to vote, racists, xenophobes, and Islamophobes.

She even blames the incompetency of her beloved Democratic Party, which conspired against her opponent Bernie Sanders to ensure she won the party’s nomination. This betrayal wan’t taken lightly by some within the party.

Surprisingly, Hillary is still refusing to take any personal blame for what happened.

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