Thousands Of Canadian ‘Deplorables’ March To Support Trump And Oppose Trudeau


They might not achieve one million participants, but the numbers were already building towards 5,000 Saturday morning. As organizer Mike Wain put it: “I was hoping for a million but I guess this will do.”

Million Canadian Deplorables March organizer Mike Wain stands in front of Canada's Parliament Hill. Daily Caller photo

They had come to protest the Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in general but they weren’t without specific grievances against a regime that they say overtaxes, overspends and is a clear and present danger to free speech. They began their march on Parliament Hill in Canada’s capitol of Ottawa and they will proceed through0ut the city today.

Wain is passionate about the Million Deplorables March. He says he was inspired to  lead this weekend’s event because he felt Trudeau was getting a free ride from the media and a pass from too many voters.

“Nothing was being done about this corrupt government…Trudeau stepped out-of-bounds with waving the pot leaf in front of the nose of the tokers and his nice friendly-looking smile won him the housewives. So now we’re in a situation where we have a complete moron at the helm and he’s spending more than we can afford. He’s destroying our country with carbon taxes, he’s destroying small business,” Wain told The Daily Caller Saturday.

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