Get me Ron Paul ! …cont.

Knox Buhman , 06/04/2017


Continuing on the topic of “where the Libertarian surge went” my third person to slow the roll is of course Don J. Trump. The Republican President deserved the win and I admire some Libertarian ideology he likes to talk about. The main likable trait is the fact  a new regime begins, although as we can see weeding out the old is tricky. Being an outsider you have to employ some of the entrenched swamp creatures or else we get a bunch of non experienced folks that would be great to serve the country, but problematic for the political attacks that would eventually destroy the Right for awhile.

So this is the part where I start to act like one of the worlds foremost authority on the political analysis circuit.

Get me Ron Paul!

Ron knows the game and sticks to his guns. Dr. Paul has never been involved in anything to promote scandals. He wont talk to any lobby group and works for free. Like I said he is an anchor to the constitution and the guy hates Taxes with a passion.

If trump brought in Ron Paul that would be his “Trump Card” because if the right didn’t like something… he points at Paul. If some more Obama policy gets tossed and the politically correct cowards rise up… he can just point at the Doc.

Ron don’t give a hoot, he does whats right, he isn’t in it for politics.

Dr. Ron Paul = Liberty…. Period!

Its time for the Revolution to return to your post your back on active duty. Lets show the “Bernigans” how the Original Grass Roots gets down!

And Alex Jones knows what I’m getting at so lets get Ron on one last hew-raw. This time we WILL take it from there.

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