A Startup Is Buying Teenagers’ Blood And Selling It To The Rich



The fountain of youth has been a historical myth that has sparked the interest of people from around the world for many generations. Could it be true that the myth has become a reality? There has been an experiment that has been conducted where people over the age of 35 are paying up to $8,000 for blood transfusions from people under the age of 25. The method was tested in mice through a scientific method called parabiosis where two beings are sewn together, and their veins are conjoined. The aging of the older mice was “reversed” by the blood of the younger mice, essentially the older mice were leeching off of the young. With humans, the practice of parabiosis could be a method that prevents the onset of various diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and other health concerns that plague our older population. The medical impact of this is the paramount issue in this case. With these transfusions of blood, the quality of life is with no doubt, dramatically improved as the risk of disease is reduced for our aging population. These blood transfusions allow our older individuals in this country a chance to enjoy the “twilight” of their life by taking away the majority of the risk of contracting Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and many other health-related concerns that affect us as we get older. The only downfall is that with the hefty price tag of eight grand per transfusion, this is not a realistic opportunity for everyone that is over the age of 35. Our money ends up tied up in other things at this point in our lives, such as saving for our retirement, our children’s college fund, or various other things that come across our lives. For the middle class and below, it’s just not an affordable venture. READ MORE: http://www.disclose.tv/news/a_startup_is_buying_teenagers_blood_and_selling_it_to_the_rich/139189

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