But most NAZIs were good – only the extremists were bad…


Yeah, may as well raise that argument because that is exactly what standing up for Islam is like. A bunch of Neville Chamberlains. NAZI = National Socialist German Workers’ Party. An Ideology. Most were completely unaware of the concentration camps, but that doesn’t matter. NAZI = BAD. ISLAM = Wholesome, Loveable, Tolerant. Be against NAZIs = GOOD Be against Islam = RACIST ISLAMOPHOBIC So that’s my point. READ MORE: http://www.disclose.tv/board/but-most-nazis-were-good-only-the-extremists-were-bad-t113083.html
They were good enough for Operation Paperclip, weren’t they?

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"Not sweating the petty things, ...just petting the sweaty things."

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