DeLorean Driver Got A Speeding Ticket For Driving At 88mph

The DeLorean car in Back To The Future is driven at high speeds to go into the future or back to the future depending on how you look at it. However, a man in California took his modified DeLorean for a spin, but he did not manage to time travel as all he ended up with was a speeding ticket for reaching a speed of 88mph. READ MORE:
Spencer White from Saugus California purchased the 80s DeLorean sports car after wanting one for around ten years. The modified vehicle does look as though it is something out of the future and capable of time travel, but this did not happen when he decided to take his mother out for a drive. White, along with his mother, went for a spin and it seems that the excitement got the better of him as he ended up stamping down the accelerator and tried to reach 88mph. In the film Back to the Future this was the speed at which the time circuits of the vehicle would activate to allow them to time travel. White did not end up going into the future or back in time though, all he ended up with was some sharp words from a highway patrolman and a fine for speeding. White said that he had reached the speed of 88mph for around two seconds and then noticed that there was a highway patrolman behind him. White went on to say that the officer pulled him over and thought it funny that he was caught doing 88mph in a DeLorean, however, not that funny that he let him off without a fine. White said that if had installed a flux capacitor then maybe that would have sealed the deal and he might have been let off. On the other hand perhaps if he had and the vehicle had managed to travel in time when reaching 88mph White would have known not to have been caught speeding so he would not have done it in the first place and the whole story might never have happened. READ MORE:

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