he Global Cover-Up: Ship Tracks, Jet Spraying And Climate Engineering


Extensive tracks have been noticed on satellite imagery over the Earth’s oceans, and they are the result of ships causing pollution and this, in turn, creates clouds. Scientists have been very interested in the tracks left by the ships as they want to find out how emissions from humans might influence clouds and the climate on Earth. Jet Spraying And Ship Tracks Just Climate Engineering Cover-Up The tracks of ships have revealed clouds were forming around man-man aerosols that are far brighter than other clouds. The aerosols that are man-made are smaller than the natural particles, and the clouds that form around the man-made have come from smaller cloud droplets. A cloud that is made up of lots of smaller drops can reflect more of the light than those that are made from just a few larger drops, as the surface of each can reflect light. Related Articles In January 2015, I began receiving reports by email, telephone and over Facebook of very specific symptoms from very specific locations under very specific spraying activity throughout Oregon. From my experience as a counselor, having had to do anLithium Being Used In Airborne Spraying Over Oregon Chemtrails are becoming more and more frequent in out atmosphere. The chemtrails cause mass weather change in remote areas and are supposedly technology that is way beyond our time.

Black Chemtrails

The chemtrail conspiracy theory states thatNew BLACK Chemtrails Spraying Reported Worldwide! The clouds that are brighter which come from man-made aerosols have been reflecting more of the light of the Sun back to space, and this has meant a decrease in the light reaching the surface of the Earth. The man-made aerosols interaction with the clouds have managed to cool the Earth down, and this has been off-setting global warming. However, scientists are not sure just how much. Predictions of future warming that is more accurate are going to be dependent on scientists being able to understand how much cooling the brighter clouds is going to be able to provide, according to NASA. Is The Explanation Of NASA Rational? But is the explanation of NASA about the ships tracks rational to accept as being the only source behind those trails that are shown in the images? NASA is not going to admit ongoing geoengineering or solar radiation management jet aircraft dispersions of course. However, people should consider along with remembering that any way of delivering toxic particles into the atmosphere of the earth, for example, jet aircraft dispersions or ship dispersions, which are types of climate engineering and intervention, which have been inflicting a great deal of damage on the overall planet’s support systems. NASA may be called just a military industrial complex contractor when it comes to the power structure. It may be said that they have deceived the public and this is something that has always been one part of the mission of the agency. Take into account the official position of NASA on geoengineering. NASA along with NWS, NOAA and UAF all tell people that the bombardment of atmospheric particulate being sprayed into the skies is nothing but contrails. But the big question is whether this is credible in any way. When taking the design characteristics of a modern turbofan jet engine into account, the only contrails theory may be seen as being deception. A satellite animation loop shows off the many long trails, some of which are more than 500 miles, which cover most of the Eastern Pacific just off the North American west coast. NASA Said That Ships Tracks Are The Explanation NASA has said that they are all nothing more than ship tracks that come from the engine combustion of standard commercial shipping vessels, but could this be the only explanation that is reasonable in all of the cases. First, take into account that there is a lot of volume of shipping traffic that is operating in the Eastern Pacific, but why would only just a percentage of them leave long visible tracks behind them and not all of them? Also taken into account is the fact that why would the shipping companies let vessels wander over the ocean sometimes in directions and patterns that have to be called haphazard, when ships use a great deal of fuel, and it is so costly? Some of the biggest of them can burn around 400 tons of fuel each day, and so they take the shortest route possible to keep the costs down. Therefore the question is why a commercial ship would take a course along the so-called ship trajectories that have been seen on the images from the satellite. Even drifting off track or accounting for the wind does not account for a lot of the trails that have been observed. Engine Exhaust From Ships Blamed By NASA What NASA has said is nothing more than ship tracks from engine exhaust, might have an objective individual pausing for a moment. Only when it is said with utter certainty that the top military commanders have long considered the climate systems disintegrating to be right at the top of the national security threat and once people know that the marine cloud brightening is said to be a primary form of what is proposed climate engineering, that it would be reasonable to come to the conclusion that this type of planetary geoengineering is just what people are in fact witnessing. Still, the big question remains, is whether all the tracks and trails that have been seen over the oceans of the world are from ships, which is what NASA wants us to believe? And are the tracks and trails seen over the land caused by aircraft dispersions? Can Tracks Of Ships Be 500 To 600 Miles Wide? Bear in mind that a lot of what are said to be the tracks of ships on the radar have been uniform when it comes to width in distances of around 500 to 600 miles. If the mathematics is considered the tracks from ships theory then becomes very questionable in many cases. Many of the biggest of the shipping containers travel at speeds that are about 12 knots so they can reduce the amount of fuel used. If this is so then the biggest tracks would take around two or three days for them to be laid out. Would tracks such as these remain uniform and be intact for as long as several days? The photo below is what NASA wants us to believe is nothing more than condensation trails from air traffic, but why would a rational person accept this as it is a glaring lie. Climate engineering has been fully deployed the world over. The community of climate scientist’s betrayal of the truth is one of the main reasons why the lie about the condensation trail has persisted for so long and still does. It is also why most of the public have remained oblivious to the climate engineering operations that are ongoing. Another big factor in the cover-up is the illegal federal gag order that has been placed on the employees at NWS and NOAA. The climate scientist’s denial of geoengineering should be alarming, and people should wonder what they are threatened with. Recently there was a study of 1500 scientists and not one of them denied climate engineering on record. Everyone is needed in the ongoing battle to halt and expose climate engineering, being able to reach critical mass with awareness is the only step forward. READ MORE: http://www.disclose.tv/news/the_global_coverup_ship_tracks_jet_spraying_and_climate_engineering/139149


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