WTF? This 1949 Science Fiction Novel by Von Braun Names the Leader of Martian Civilization as “Elon”

In 1949, rocket scientist Wernher von Braun – former Nazi rocketeer, soon to be NASA’s star rocket designer – wrote a science fiction book about humanity’s first mission to Mars. Von Braun put his considerable technical knowledge to use in writing Project Mars: A Technical Tale. In his story, set in the 1980s, ten large space ships make the journey, a project which required “upwards of 1,000 flights into Earth’s orbit” in order to “build, supply and fuel these ten ships, and it is an international, cooperative project.” READ MORE:

Rising on stage under a large globe of Mars during the International Congress of Astronautics in Mexico, Musk showed his vision of a giant rocket that could lead men and women to the Red Planet “in our lifetime.” “We need to start from these initial exploratory missions to really build a city,” he told a crowd at the exhibition center with capacity for thousands of people in Guadalajara. Musk exhibited a futuristic video depicting his concept of an interplanetary transport system based on reuse of rockets, a propellant on Mars and 1,000 orbiting spacecraft, carrying 100 people each. The spacecraft would have restaurants, cabins, zero gravity games and movies. “It has to be fun, or exciting. It can not be tight, or boring,” he said. The first flight would be expensive, but the goal is to “make it accessible to almost anyone who wants to go,” lowering the entry price each time until it reaches $ 100,000, Musk said. Millions of tons of cargo would also be needed to take off aboard the powerful rocket, described by him as a “scaled-up version of the Falcon 9 rocket,” the company’s current system that can land vertically. READ MORE:

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