SHOCK ! UK Government Houses Highly Dangerous Jihadist ONE BLOCK From Elementary School

The UK government is apparently more concerned with the well-being of radical Jihadists from Syria than English school children.

One of England’s most radical Sharia Law supporters, Abu Haleema, is housed just yards away from an English primary school where hundreds of children attend each day. The recent attack in Manchester shows that these monsters have no reservations when it comes to violence against the young and defenseless. 

Abu Haleema (discussing homosexuality with reporter):

Below is a video with anti-Jihad activist, Tommy Robinson rightfully calling out the British government on the matter, via the Rebel Media:


This willful neglect from the UK government puts English children directly in harms way. As the victims of political correctness rise in the UK by the day, known Islamists are allowed to walk the streets, side by side with innocent and vulnerable citizens of all ages. Abu Haleema is one of 3,000 known jihadists that the British government monitors 24/7. The British government admits that there are as many as 20,000 more known jihadists that they simply cannot afford to monitor.

Activists like Tommy Robinson are tirelessly fighting to rid their neighborhoods of Islamic migrants who they share little to no cultural and moral values with. Perhaps attitudes would be different if the migrants showed even the slightest effort to assimilate to English society.

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