William Cooper tried to warn us: Socialism and Islam vs the West

Many people today believe that the current political and military unrest in the world is part of a larger plan by forces unseen to enable them to gain control of the world. Currently, there are numerous wars ongoing on nearly every continent between various nations, a crisis on the Korean peninsula as well as the issue of Islamic terrorists both in the form of ISIS and those infiltrating Western countries to carry out atrocities. There also seems to be a movement within certain sections of the press in some countries of apologists for the atrocities carried out by supposed refugees who in many cases are in fact active ISIS and Al-Quaeda members. They argue that since the refugees from Syria that are committing acts of rape and murder is only a small percentage that the greater good lies in allowing huge numbers of these refugees to flood into European countries. While the vast majority of the native peoples of these nations are wholly against this happening. Many of these situations were seemingly predicted years ago by Milton William Cooper, who alleged in his book and radio shows that socialism and Islam would be used together to create unrest and ultimately war. In creating divisions within societies, starting wars and toppling regimes, Cooped alleges that a secretive elite believes that they will be able to seize power and control the world. These elites have many alleged names including the Illuminati although all already hold positions of power. If the late Mr. Cooper was correct, then the current situations are only the beginning, and there will be a lot worse to come before the end. From his book Behold A Pale Horse: “Like it or not, everything is changing. The result will be the most wonderful experience in the history of man or the most horrible enslavement that you can imagine. Be active or abdicate. The future is in your hands.” Milton William Cooper was an author heavily involved with conspiracy theories including government collusion with extraterrestrials, the assassination of John F. Kennedy and later the Illuminati. He was also a naval officer and eventually became a fugitive after being charged with tax evasion. He died in a shootout with sheriff deputies in his home in 2001, something that the conspiracy community regards as an assassination and that Cooper himself predicted. Cooper’s credibility has been called into question by some, although ascertaining a true measure of this is always difficult. The reason for this is that as a conspiracy theorist if any of his ideas were correct then surely the affected parties would seek to discredit him and thus stop people uncovering the truth.

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