Putin: No One Would Survive A Hot War Between US And Russia

President Putin Talks About War With US, Says There Would Not Be Survivors The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has been talking during an interview with Oliver Stone, the film director from the US, and he admitted that if there were a war between the US and Russia there would not be any survivors.
Putin told Stone that he did not think that anyone would survive a conflict and this was in answer to a question about whether the US would be the dominant one in the event of a hot war with Russia. Putin Asked Why NATO Still Exists Putin went on to say that NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is always on the lookout for an enemy so as to justify existence. He told Stone that the Soviet Union was no more and that there was no longer an Eastern Bloc, so why does NATA still exist. He then said that NATA seems to need an external foe and there is always a search for an enemy or acts of provocation so that someone can be called an adversary.
Stone said that the election was over in the US and that Trump had been elected President and asked Putin if he thought that there was hope for change. Putin admitted that there was still hope for normalization of there being relations between the US and Russia and there would continue to be hope. Stone Gave Putin
A Copy Of Dr. Strangelove US media reports suggested that to get ready for the interview, both Putin and Stone had sat down and watched Dr. Strangelove by Stanley Kubrick, which told the story of a nuclear war between the Soviet Union and the US. Putin had said that Kubrick had seen contemporary issues with a technical point of view but with the idea of retaliation with a weapon that today is more dangerous, more complex and more sophisticated. It had been said that Stone had given Putin a copy of the DVD but then Putin found it did not have a DVD inside and went on to say that this was a typical gift from the Americans. The full interview with Oliver Stone and Russian President Putin is going to be shown on the Showtime channel in four parts June 12 through 15. Related Articles

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