Police: Naked Man Attacked, Urinated on Police Car

Police: Naked Man Attacked, Urinated on Sheriff’s Car

A Florida man found walking on a highway naked attacked a sheriff’s car and urinated on it, police say.

A sheriff’s deputy arrested Andrew Humphries, 18, after police found him walking along South U.S. Highway 441 naked Wednesday following a car crash, WTSP reported.

Police responded to a report of a crash on Highway 441 and Southeast 81st Street when they learned one of the drivers left the scene.

According to a video of the incident, a deputy found Humphries strolling along the highway and asked the man to come to him.

“What’s the deal, man? Why are you naked?” the deputy asked. “Were you in that accident up the road there?”

“No, sir,” Humphries responded.

Humphries then walked over to the car and tried to open the locked driver’s side door. The deputy then cuffed him and put him inside the car.

“Let me explain to you why you’re in cuffs: you tried to open up the door of a police car,” the deputy told Humphries. “So, something’s going on with you that you’re doing stuff that’s not normal.”

“In addition to that, you are absolutely naked, my man — another thing not normal,” the deputy added.

After the deputy told Humphries that medical personnel was coming to check him out and asked him if he was going to give them a hard time, there was mumbling and then a loud yell followed by several loud thuds, according to the video.

Humphries allegedly “kicked the rear passenger door and pulled on the metal cage.” Police estimate the vehicle suffered $1,000 in damage.

Deputies took him to Marion County Jail and charged him with two counts of criminal mischief, one of them a felony count for property damage of $1,000 or more and the other a misdemeanor.

The Florida Highway Patrol, which was investigating the crash Humphries was involved in, reports that witnesses say Humphries tried to open the door and pulled off the handle of a parked car at the Marion County Sheriff’s Multi-District Office.

He also allegedly urinated on the vehicle after he discovered he could not get in.

The Miami Herald reports that the estimated damage to the other vehicle was about $700.

The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating the crash separately from the charges, the sheriff’s office said.

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