Adult website xHamster came to Flint to hand out water to lead crisis victims.

It was the dying wish of late xHamster publicist Mike Kulich that the people of Flint, Michigan, receive 10,000 bottles of healthy water to supplant the lead-tainted filth available from the tap.

As water protectors in Standing Rock, North Dakota, seem now to need a Hail Mary to prevent completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline, residents of Flint already know what it means to lose a source of clean water.

Flint’s Water Crisis Isn’t Over

Activists have visited the smaller Michigan city with bottled water in tow since a pervasive lead contamination warning was first announced by the Environmental Protection Agency in early summer 2015.

And they’ve had to. Despite nearly two years having passed since the Flint Water Crisis first became known to the public, residents have yet to receive relief, either in the form of financial help for medical assistance for lead-related maladies, or in the more obvious manner: fixing Flint’s water infrastructure.

Caravans of donated bottled water heading to the former General Motors host city have since lessened to a trickle as equally outrageous problems and last year’s presidential election squeezed beleaguered Flint from the headlines.

So, with all this in mind, Kulich wanted to bring xHamster’s much-needed assistance in a shipment of thousands of bottles of clean water — but had to hand over the plan to successors before passing away in September 2016.

After several delays, the plan finally came to fruition.

xHamster in Action

Mainstream media prepared to cover xHamster’s delivery, but backed out after learning adult film stars would not be handing out the water — since the bottles were intended to be for the people of Flint, not for the easy publicity.

In a press release on the action, xHamster explained,

“Flint used to be the host town of General Motors main manufacturing facilities, however, now the population is at about 45% unemployment rate with the water crisis largely affecting the north side of Flint – the area where the poorest residents live

“People from xHamster volunteered three days in a row, working with Catholic Charities Center for Hope, greeting the friendly people of Flint and helping to provide them with healthy drinking water.”

xHamster’s new publicist personally helped carry out Mike Kulich’s dying wish to see the victims of the penny thrift government of Flint receive drinkable, healthy water. In fact, the publicist assisted Catholic Charities each day, handing out bottled water and water filters — and feeding the city’s homeless people.

“There is a lot of talk about helping, but we want this to show we are committed to walking the walk, and not just talking the talk,” xHamster spokesperson Alex Hawkins asserted in a statement.

Why We Cannot Forget About Flint

Just after marking, and passing, the 1,000th day without safe tap water, more than 1,700 Flint residents filed a lawsuit against the EPA for “mishandling” the lead contamination crisis, seeking $722.4 million in damages.

Besides lead tainting, the people of Flint have endured multiple instances of bacterial contamination, boil water advisories, and high levels of disinfectant added to the water by the city in hopes of reducing the former.

Indeed, it’s likely such a catastrophe involving a dangerous toxin would have been hastily and thoroughly corrected upon detection — if the crisis occurred in a wealthier area.

Flint residents still pay for water they can’t drink, bathe, or cook with — in 2015, that was the highest rate of 500 cities surveyed nationwide — but have yet to see an effective solution attempted. Politicians, apparently, have been too occupied pointing fingers and shirking blame to remember people’s lives are at stake.

Bottled water deliveries and handouts — like xHamster’s — have helped replenish dwindling supplies.

It’s imperative not to forget the Flint Water Crisis is ongoing. To help or donate, please contact Mary Stevenson at Catholic Charities Center for Hope, in Flint Michigan, at (810) 232-9950.





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