Illegal U-Turn Puts Two Motorcycle Riders At Risk


he thing about driving on canyon roads is that you’re very likely to run into people who are out there looking to enjoy their cars or bikes, so due to the limited visibility compared to, say, a highway, some extra attention on your end would be quite appreciated.

Behind the wheel of this white Chevy Malibu is clearly somebody who assumed that since there was nobody approaching in that split second when they looked right (hopefully), the coast was clear and performed an illegal U-turn.

As it tends to happen, assuming things can get you in trouble on the road, and this car caused two riders to have a very close call, especially the one who ended up doing a stoppie.

Since the video cuts off right after the second bike comes to a stop, there’s no way to tell how everybody conducted themselves in the heat of the moment. Let’s hope it didn’t end up in road rage.

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