Paul: Russia Hearings Are ‘Political Theater’ Trump-Russia theories being pushed because of ‘sour grapes’

Paul: Russia Hearings Are 'Political Theater'

Senator Rand Paul slammed Democrats Monday and dubbed the Senate hearings into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia as a ‘political operation.’

Appearing on CNN, Paul said that Trump critics are being motivated by “sour grapes” and have become obsessed with proving some sort of Russian conspiracy.

“I think the whole thing is sour grapes, to tell you the truth,” Paul told Jake Tapper.

“‘Did Sessions meet with the Russian ambassador?’ Yes, I think it’s all sour grapes. I don’t think there’s anything there. I’m not against people looking at facts, but I think we shouldn’t get carried away with things.” the Senator urged.

Paul is adamant that nothing will come of the hearings.

“This is political theater.” Paul exclaimed, adding “Really, those committees aren’t getting anywhere, if there was really anything done wrong, it’ll come out of the Special Counsel and my suspicion is that very little of anything will come out of there.”

“There may be some people that didn’t file their paperwork properly or didn’t file to be registered as foreign agents, but I kind of doubt there’s going to be anything.” the Senator continued.

Paul further described the hearings as little more than a “political operation,” and noted that it is “kind of crazy” to allege that Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a “hardliner on Russia” would have ties to the Putin government.

“It’s kind of crazy to sort of say, ‘Oh, he must have been meeting with them in some secret deal with the Russians.’” Paul said, adding “I think there’s a political operation going on and I think dwelling so much on this stuff.”

Paul also noted that former FBI head James Comey’s testimony “completely vindicated everything the President had said.

“Comey said [Trump] wasn’t being investigated, Comey said he felt pressured but wasn’t told directly not to do anything and the President said he hoped he hadn’t done anything – I don’t know when hoping you don’t do something is an obstruction of justice.” Paul stated.

“Even by Comey’s testimony saying, ‘he told me he hoped I would finish it,’ it certainly doesn’t sound like any kind of obstruction of justice when you tell someone I hope they will finish their job.” the Senator further explained.

Paul concluded that the entire issue is a “distraction” from more pressing matters such as “trying to fix the healthcare system” and “trying to fix our tax codes”.


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