People were screaming ‘save my children’: Witness breaks down as he describes Grenfell Tower fire

A man broke down in tears when describing the desperate attempts to escape blazing  Grenfell Tower.

He described how people trapped in the blazing tower “just threw their kids out screaming ‘save my children'”.

Mahad Egal told the Victoria Derbyshire show what he saw.

He said: “It was rapid, the fire was growing well out of control. There is only the stairs, which is smoke, it’s dark, it’s scary, it’s trip hazard. There’s all sorts, there are the elderly, there are children, there’s disabled people there are all sorts, there’s luggage in the stairwell.

Witness of Grenfell Tower fire describes harrowing scenes ‘you’d see in the movies’


“Even on the stairwell, some lights were not working. So it was so dark in there it’s incredible.

“It’s incredible we survived. So many people were left inside. We had relatives and family and friends who called who said ‘we are still trapped in, let the fire services know that we are still here’.

“This kid that called and said he was trapped in his room. It’s a very horrible situation, lives have been lost. I can confirm lives have been lost.

“There have been fatalities of some of our friends, some of our family, some of our neighbours, it’s heart aching it really is. You just don’t know, right now we can only offer prayers.   ‘People were jumping out of the place, there is a man who threw two of his children.’

“We saw a lot. We saw a lot with out own eyes. We saw friend’s families

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