Cops Cite Trio For Sex Acts On Rooftop Woman, two men are facing disorderly conduct charges


JUNE 12–A trio of Pennsylvania residents were “engaged in public sex acts on the roof of a building” early Saturday when police broke up the alleged threesome and cited the participants for disorderly conduct.

Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department officers confronted the suspects after a witness called police to report that “three subjects were on the roof of an adjacent building engaged in sexual activity.”

According to cops, the suspects admitted that they were “engaged in the activity,” but thought that their “position was private” and “not able to be observed from other locations” in Warwick Township (which is about 30 miles north of Philadelphia).

Officers cited Kevin Venbrux, 26, Amanda Howley, 24, and Joel Beger, 29, for disorderly conduct.

In Facebook posts about the incident, Venbrux wrote, “The news makes it look a lot cooler then it was.” While apologizing “if this represents me as a person poorly,” Venbrux added that, “Everyone had their clothing on. We were just watching the sunrise. The cops came because of noise and the neighbors saw us up there kissing. Apparently that is considered a sex act now.”

Venbrux (left), Howley (center), and Beger are pictured above.

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