VIDEO: Man Allegedly High on Synthetic Street Drug Tries to Bite Officers After They Repeatedly Tasered Him

A Kentucky man allegedly overdosed on a synthetic street drug and tried to bite officers after they repeatedly tasered him, video footage of the incident shows.

The video shows Lexington police officers trying to help the man stand up while his legs buckle under him.

Suddenly, the man, who is reportedly high on a drug called Serenity, gets a surge of energy and fights the officers who are trying to subdue him with his mouth open.

“Get off me,” one officer shouts as the man growls at him.

Both officers take out their tasers to subdue the man.

“Sometimes force has to be used to take them into custody if they are combating against us,” Lexington Police Sgt. Jervis Middleton told WKYT. “You know, we try to make that the last line of activity for that situation but sometimes force will have to be used.”

In the video, the man smashes his head through a store window as he flails at the officers, sending glass shattering all over the place.

He is on the ground writhing in the shards of glass allegedly trying to attack the officers, who take out their tasers again in defense.

WHAS reports that addiction recovery centers in the area are using the viral video as a way to show people the harmful effects of synthetic drugs.

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