CNN Producer Confesses Hyping ‘Mostly Bullsh*t’ Trump-Russia Fake News for ‘Ratings’

The Project Veritas secret investigation seems to have struck again and this time in relation to a senior producer for CNN who has been caught on film saying that the relentless bashing of President Trump in regards to the Russia scandal does not have any proof. Undercover Investigation Catches Bonifield Out John Bonifield, the CNN producer said that it could be bulls##t as most of it is right now. Project Veritas by James O`Keefe was revealed on Tuesday when he had been asked about what he thought of the Russia investigation. He said that they didn’t have any giant proof and that if something had been found they would have known about it. He said that if it was something good then it would leak as there have been a lot of great leaks come out that was amazing. He went on to say that he refuses to believe that there is something good as it would have come out already and that they don’t have anything but are digging deeper. He admitted that the President is right when he says that they are witch hunting him as there is no real proof and no smoking gun. Startling Admissions Caught On Secret Camera Related Articles CNN has been in a bit of a panic and has urgently started to delete any stories they have published on their website regarding President Trump and Russia. They fear they may be sued for spreading news propaganda that is fake, to the public in the US.CNN Deleting Fake Trump-Russia News Stories Amid Fears They Could Be Sued Amber Lyon, the Emmy-award winning news reporter, has joined the ever increasing ranks of journalists and former journalists who claim that they are being put under undue and unethical pressure to distort the truth of the stories they cover to suit theCNN Reporter says that the network was paid by a foreign government to broadcast fake news Bonifield was captured on video admitting that he has not been shown any evidence that President Donald Trump committed crimes. In the video, he had been heard saying that even if Russia should try to influence the election in the US it is not that much of a scandal really. He is saying that the efforts of Russia to influence and the election would not be out of the ordinary and the government in the US is doing the same thing the world over all the time. He went on to say that should Russia manage to swing the election, we would try to swing their election. He said that the CIA does things all the time, trying to manipulate the government. Bonifield is the CNN Health supervising producer and on his biography, on the website of CNN, it says that he works with Elizabeth Cohen, the CNN Senior Medical Correspondent and with the CNN Medical Unit. The admissions, which are startling, from the producer at CNN on the hidden camera comes among other comments he made that may be problematic for the CNN network who are in crisis. The video had been released during what happens to be the worst scandal that CNN has faced throughout history. The network president, Zucker, is at the moment conducting an internal investigation into a fake news piece published by CNN last Thursday, which was then retracted Friday following an investigation by Breitbart News. Three of the senior most editorial staff members at CNN have resigned due to the scandal that keeps growing. Bonifield has been with CNN as a journalist along with producer for almost 15 years and he gave a tour of the main newsroom of CNN along with a look through the window into the editorial bias along with the anti-Trump agenda. O`Keefe is billing the Project Veritas as a part of the multi-part investigation into American Pravda. It was said that they start the investigation inside the American media with part one, which is CNN. He said in the video that the goal was to expose the real motivations that were behind the decision making process at media corporations that are dominant. Since Inauguration Russia Mentioned 16,000 Times One story has been in the headlines since President Trump got into office, and this was Russia. Since his inauguration, CNN talked about Russia almost 16,000 times. He said that this was one of the reasons they had sent in undercover reporters to CNN to try to find out if they believe if the story is real. Bonifield was also caught on camera revealed that the reason the CNN leadership along with management is focused on the scandal of Russia, even though there is not real proof, is due to the ratings. He went on to say that the CNN leadership on a regular basis axes the coverage of any stories that are newsworthy to move their coverage back onto the Russia story. He gave one example of covering the decision of President Trump to withdraw from the climate accords in Paris, which lasted two days, before moving coverage back onto the Russia scandal. Zucker Orders Staff Back To Work On Russia, Not Climate Accords Bonifield said that the CEO of CNN had said in an internal meeting that everyone had done a great job on the coverage of the climate accords but now it was over and done with and it was time to get back to Russia. When asked if it was Jeff Zucker he was talking about he said yes. Bonifield also said that the CNN looks at President Trump differently to how they treated Barack Obama. He went on to say that many viewers of CNN want to see Trump get scrutinized. He finished by saying they did not scrutinize everything Obama was doing as much as they do with Donald Trump and if they had then they would have lost viewers. He then added that President Trump was good for business at the moment.

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