‘Stanley Kubrick Said Pedophiles Run The World’ Claims Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman has opened up and talked about a conversation she had with director Stanley Kubrick. She says that he told her that pedophiles are running the world. She went on to say that the director was the one who taught her just how the world works and who is in charge behind the scenes when they were filming the movie Eyes Wide Shut. Kubrick Studied Secret Societies And Was Fascinated With Them “Stanley told me the world is run by pedophiles,” Nicole Kidman said while promoting HBO’s Big Little Lies, in Los Angeles. “He studied secret societies his whole life, he was fascinated by them, and he said the elite, the top secret societies, they are full of men with a certain predilection. They are tied together, sort of bonded, by pedophilia. Related Articles The internet is a hotbed of conspiracy theories. It’s not like they didn’t exist before the dawn of the social wonder, but the internet allows them to be exaggerated and for more people to add their theories of events into the mix.

nearly everyStanley Kubrick’s Daughter Denies Moon Landing Hoax Three days before the death of the legendary director Stanley Kubrick he gave his final interview to a fellow filmmaker named T. Patrick Murray. Murray was somewhat perturbed by Kubrick’s acceptance of his offer to do an interview with him given theStanley Kubrick admitted that he was involved in faking the Moon landings “They all know each other’s dark secrets. There is no way out for any of them. It’s a lifetime bond. Even if one of them wanted to go straight, repent, so to speak, he can’t. His peers will bring him down. They are in it until death, driving the world to ruin. That’s kind of how Stanley explained it but it was all very complex. I’m probably not doing it justice.” Kidman said that Stanley had said that the world is run by pedophiles. She was talking during an interview to promote Big Little Lies in LA. She went on to say that the director had studied secret societies all of his life and that he had become fascinated by them. Kubrick said that the elite of the top secret societies had been full of men who had certain predilections and who were all tied by pedophilia. Kubrick said that all of them knew the dark secrets of everyone else and that there was no way out for them as it was a bond that lasted a lifetime. He continued by saying that even if one of them were to want to go straight, he would not be able to do so as his peers would bring him down. Kubrick said that they were in it until death and they were driving the world to ruin. Did Kubrick Give Away Too Many Secrets About Secret Society? The film directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1999 was the last one he did as director before passing away in that same year, and it starred Kidman and Tom Cruise, who she was married to at the time. A lot of people thought that Kubrick had given away too many secrets in the movie about the global elite and secret societies and that had caused him his life. Kidman was asked about Kubrick`s knowledge of secret societies along with the darkest secrets and whether she thought it had anything to do with him dying. She only raised her eyebrow and said that it wasn’t a question that she could give the answer to. She then said that maybe she could but that none of the media would be allowed to go ahead and print it. She said that the men behind the media companies would not allow that to happen. Kidman Had Contracts Cancelled For Speaking Out Nicole Kidman has been a brave speaker of truth and contracts of hers had been canceled by Hollywood studios when she went up against the current agenda of Hollywood when she said that we need to support whoever is president. As she dared to talk about the possible reasons for the death of Stanley Kubrick, Kidman runs the risks of being attacked further. She might not have been willing to speak up about the cause of the death of Kubrick, but she did say that the death of the director had come too soon. Kidman said that his upcoming film had been about psychopathic pedophiles and he had said that he was venturing deep into the rabbit hole. Kidman went on to say that Kubrick always had many projects on the go and he always researched meticulously. He had the belief that some of the most powerful movies had a hard grounding in truth. Kubrick was said to have been a lifelong student of power structures, and a lot of his movies showed a closely watched genius for exposing depravity, corruption, and madness of the elite institutions. Kubrick always seemed to take on the issues that mattered, whether it was ultraviolence, psychological horror or military industrial complex. Kubrick And The Illuminati

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