DEATH BY VOLCANO Man, 38, ‘kills himself by jumping 250 feet into a Hawaii volcano crater after leaving a suicide note in the backpack he dumped nearby’

A MAN reportedly killed himself on Kilauea volcano in Hawaii after he left a suicide note in his dumped backpack.

Leo Adonis, who was born Gregory Michael Ure, was found in a crater on the volcano in Hawaii National Park – about 250 feet below a walking trail used by the public.

Adonis’ father said his 38-year-old son lived in Petaluma in California but “really loved Hawaii”, the Hawaii Tribune Herald has reported.

He also added that Adonis had left a suicide note in his backpack.

The bag was discovered around 7pm by two hikers walking the trail on Saturday who alerted officials.

Rangers began looking for the owner Saturday night but the search was suspended because of dangerous conditions.

The body was found Sunday morning by rangers searching by helicopter.

Park spokeswoman Jessica Ferracane said it is believed the man died from a fall but an investigation is ongoing.

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