German bomb squad finds reported grenade was a rubber sex toy

April 27 (UPI) — Police in Germany said a bomb squad was summoned on a report of a grenade spotted by a jogger in the woods, but they arrived to find the object was a rubber sex toy.

The Police Headquarters in Lower Bavaria said the bomb squad was called to a wooded areaoutside the city of Passau, near the Austrian border, on a report of a hand grenade in a plastic bag found by a jogger.

The bomb squad arrived on the scene and discovered the grenade-shaped object was made of rubber and was accompanied by two condoms, an empty bottle of personal lubricant and a USB charging cord.

Police said the bomb squad did an online search and confirmed the suspected explosive was a harmless sex toy.

Investigators said the condition of the plastic bag indicated it had been in the woods for some time before being discovered.

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