Biden Claims It’s Unfair To Attack Administration Over U.S. Borders That Were Created By James K. Polk

WASHINGTON—Blasting the critics of surging migrant detentions, President Joe Biden claimed Monday that it was unfair to attack his administration over borders that former President James K. Polk was responsible for creating. “It’s absurd, we just got here, and now we are being blamed for a lack of transparency around migrant detention even though we obviously inherited this border from Polk,” said Biden, who attacked his critics for ignoring the clear fact that border crossings started 172 years before he took office. “We have a delicate situation here, and we inherited a real mess from the incompetent Polk administration. They started this problem by pushing the border south to the Rio Grande. If you want to blame someone go talk to Winfield Scott and James Buchanan.” At press time, Biden was also dismissing criticism over the minimum wage fight by pointing to inherent flaws of representative democracy he inherited from the 509 B.C. Roman Assembly.

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