Reluctantly Masterful

Recently upon my travels to the great american wine capital known as Napa Valley. The small pocket of mediterranean weather that spreads the delightful climate over a vineyard carpeted landscape spanning from mountain range to mountain range. Some have said a breath of this valley’s air is a source of pure health. I am sure the comments were made in the early years of human settlement of course, but I can report my stay revealed my own breath of fresh air.

During my night life, a common topic seemed to be echoing in conversations at every venue. Many curious mentions about a mysterious local artist had aroused my interest. After a few backroom conversations and unofficial visits with locals that for reasons unknown choose to remain anonymous. I was able to see a glimpse at some rare original art. Works I am told by a Timothy DeVaul and can be described as masterful. The artist as far as I know just a local legend. If this man exists his expression must come with much reluctance. My 10 day stay only produced the privilege 1 short glimpse of rare art. If more has been sewn by the hands of an elusive genius hopefully time will tell. For now I am often stuck mentally reliving the visual pleasure I experienced in that world of wine.

More quest to California to come for the unexpected hidden treasure that may be hidden through the grapevine.

Article provided by NY Trend Press

By Anthony Garcia

Published by INFO JONES

"Not sweating the petty things, ...just petting the sweaty things."

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