The handshake the world was waiting for: Trump and Putin finally meet at G20 after US president tweets they have ‘much to discuss’

Donald Trump met Russian President Vladimir Putin face to face for the first time at the G20 Summit Friday Trump said he anticipates ‘a lot of positive things happening, for Russia, for the US’ at the start of the meeting Their first sit-down meeting is expected to cover the Syrian conflict to Russia’s provocations in […]

Ron Paul: Not a ‘total shock’ if stocks plummet 25% and gold soars 50% by October

Ron Paul: It’s a ‘very precarious market’   Thursday, 29 Jun 2017 | 2:21 PM ET | 02:36 A painful correction is coming and there’s little that can be done to prevent it, according to former Republican congressman and libertarian firebrand Ron Paul. Speaking to CNBC last week, the former GOP presidential contender argued the economy […]

‘Stanley Kubrick Said Pedophiles Run The World’ Claims Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman has opened up and talked about a conversation she had with director Stanley Kubrick. She says that he told her that pedophiles are running the world. She went on to say that the director was the one who taught her just how the world works and who is in charge behind the scenes […]

CNN Producer Confesses Hyping ‘Mostly Bullsh*t’ Trump-Russia Fake News for ‘Ratings’

The Project Veritas secret investigation seems to have struck again and this time in relation to a senior producer for CNN who has been caught on film saying that the relentless bashing of President Trump in regards to the Russia scandal does not have any proof. Undercover Investigation Catches Bonifield Out John Bonifield, the CNN […]

conspiracy writers rediscover the cia’s sex slaves

Conspiracy theories about mind control are nothing new. In fact, I’ve lost count how many books from Jim Marrs and David Icke purport some sort of mind control beam, or wave, or program by the nefarious Illuminati altering our consciousness so we become mere puppets to the will of an evil intelligence. And considering how […]

Senate to Probe Obama Administration For Obstruction of Justice

The Democrats have exposed themselves to a legal probe since using former FBI Director, James Comey as a weapon to investigate the Trump administration.  After an 8 year crime spree under the Obama administration, the Democrats think they are invincible so their own arrogance will be used to hang them. Paul Sperry of The New […]

Obama’s Ex Disappointed That He Wouldn’t Clearly Condemn Black Racism, Biography Says

A new biography on former President Barack Obama reveals that an ex-girlfriend was disappointed that Obama wouldn’t clearly condemn racism among black people. The book, “Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama,” written by David Garrow, is a deep dive into the personal life of Obama, and has already made headlines for uncovering the identity of […]

Ice-T Gets Ever Cooler in Sonic Campaign That Includes a Face-Melting Live Stunt He’s back from dabbling in lemonade

After 6,000 years of human civilization, it’s come to this: A finely detailed, life-sized ice sculpture of rapper/actor Ice-T will slowly melt, drip-drip-drip, during a live internet event. When its microphone falls the to floor, it will make winners of some lucky Sonic Drive-In fans. Goodby Silverstein & Partners came up with the chill stunt, […]

London Terrorist Fought in Sen. McCain’s Beloved Free Syrian Army

One of the terrorists who carried out the deadly London Bridge attack in England this month fought in an affiliate of Senator John McCain’s beloved Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Libya, supporting the U.S.-backed effort to topple Muammar Gaddafi. His name is Rachid Redouane and, after fighting in the Libyan revolution with the Tripoli-based group […]

Danney Williams Wishes His Father Bill Clinton Happy Fathers Day with Epic Tweets

Danney Williams Wishes His Father Bill Clinton Happy Fathers Day with Epic Tweets Jim Hoft Jun 19th, 2017 8:28 am 89 Comments THE LIBERAL US MEDIA WORKED OVERTIME TO PROTECT SCANDAL-PLAGUED HILLARY CLINTON LAST YEAR– In October Danney Williams made the headline on The Drudge Report— Danney claims he is Bill Clinton’s illegitimate son. […]

We Need YOUR HELP to Expose Media Deception We need to expose more than just Megyn Kelly

We need YOUR help to expose media deception. Yes, YOU. As featured on Megyn Kelly’s show The Kelly File, the CNN Is ISIS contest shows people how the mainstream media habitually lies to the public while posing as objective journalism. And so far it’s been a success, with patriots like you photobombing news programs and […]

Media Celebrates Megyn Kelly’s Dishonest Hit Piece on Alex Jones Infowars set to release full tape that will demolish MSM lies

The mainstream media is celebrating Megyn Kelly’s hit piece on Alex Jones despite them previously decrying her for giving Jones a platform and despite Kelly being exposed as a liar days before the interview aired. The NBC host’s dishonesty was laid bare last week when Infowars released a tape of her promising the interview would […]