Punjab government decides to end stamp papers

The Punjab government has decided to end stamp papers which will shift the registration process of properties on white paper.
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Disgraced Harvey Weinstein sues to recover $1 million in legal fees from criminal defense attorney

Weinstein, who was convicted in 2020 of sexual assault and rape, alleged in a complaint in Manhattan on Tuesday that his former attorney Jose Baez botched their initial contract
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Elon Musk’s Staggering 2020 Earnings Revealed—And It’s More Than All Other CEOs

Based on the value of the Tesla options Elon Musk was awarded last year, his CEO compensation was in the billions of dollars—far more than every other company’s leader.
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Gucci Fashion Mogul Lists Lavish Napa Valley Estate For $26.5M

Gucci Fashion Mogul Lists Lavish Napa Valley Estate For $26.5M – Napa Valley, CA – Maria Manetti Shrem has called Villa Mille Rose —a 7,900-square-foot Tuscan villa on 19 acres in Oakville —home for more than three decades.
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26 CA Homes With Awe-Inspiring Curb Appeal

26 CA Homes With Awe-Inspiring Curb Appeal – San Francisco, CA – Whether your beloved abode is a mansion or a tract home; a cabin, cottage or Mediterranean-style…draw inspiration from these homes.
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SpaceX launches, lands Starship in 1st successful flight – ABC News

SpaceX has finally launched and successfully landed its futuristic Starship
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BOMBSHELL: Dr. Mercola Makes Shocking Covid-19 Shot Prediction

Respected Doctor Predicts Experimental Inoculations Will Kill More Than the Covid Virus
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Olympic Committee Bans Athletes from Wearing BLM Apparel at Ceremonies

IOC officials have since confirmed that the rules also ban any use of Black Lives Matter imagery.
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USA Today is Angry that Chinese Americans Love Alex Jones

Alex Jones breaks down the leftist MSM stoking the flames of a race war as the USA Today reports that Chinese Americans love Alex Jones.
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Woman, 35, Dies of Brain Hemorrhage Days after Receiving J&J Vaccine

Died ‘as the result of complications after receiving the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine,’ her family says.
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Human Composting Could Soon Be Legal In Colorado

The Colorado legislature has passed a bill legalizing the composting of human remains as an after-death alternative to burial and cremation, which is more environmentally friendly than the traditional processes. What do you think?
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‘It’s Him Or Me,’ Says Unhinged Aaron Rodgers Demanding Packers Fire Team Custodian

GREEN BAY, WI—Threatening to test the trade market if the front office didn’t intervene, a visibly unhinged Aaron Rodgers told Packers brass Wednesday that it was “him or me” in reference to team custodian Glen Pardlo. “I can’t let another off season go by without getting help cleaning up around here,” said the reigning NFL MVP, who has reportedly been at odds with the custodian since taking over as the Packers’ starting quarterback in 2008. “The front office just isn’t giving me enough protection when you look at the scraps on the field. I’m a real attention-to-detail guy, so it just tears me up to work with someone who’s so careless. I need to have a custodian I can trust, and the franchise has repeatedly failed to invest in this position. It’s been a long time coming with me and Pardlo. I’m at the end of my rope.” At press time, Rodgers fueled trade rumors by following the Broncos’ custodial staff on Instagram.

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Blue Origin to Launch Space Tourism Ticket Sales Wednesday

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Trump Beats Facebook No Matter How Panel Rules, Experts Say

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Biden plan will cost $900B more than predicted, study says

Analysts from Wharton School say plan will spend $700 billion more, and tax $200 billion less, than Biden estimates.
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‘From the Desk of Donald J. Trump’ goes live on internet

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U.S. Birthrate Fell By 4% In 2020, Hitting Another Record Low

U.S. Birthrate Fell By 4% In 2020, Hitting Another Record Low : NPR
— Read on www.npr.org/2021/05/05/993817146/u-s-birth-rate-fell-by-4-in-2020-hitting-another-record-low

Eric Shawn: New tip says Jimmy Hoffa is buried at Georgia golf course on “mob island” |

Fox News’ Eric Shawn provides the latest updates on the Jimmy Hoffa case.
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Iran releases chilling fake video showing US Capitol blow up after attack

Iran has reportedly released a chilling propaganda video depicting a fake attack by its Republican Guard blowing up the US Capitol.
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NASCAR’s next generation Cup Series car revealed — here’s what’s changed

NASCAR’s next generation cars have been revealed ahead of their racing debut at Daytona next February. The cars have been fully redesigned with independent suspensions, composite bodies and provisions for hybrid powertrains.
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