Puerto Rico upholds statehood demand in contentious vote

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Puerto Rico’s governor is vowing to make the U.S. territory the 51st state after statehood won in a non-binding referendum hit by a boycott and low turnout that raised questions about the vote’s legitimacy. Gov. Ricardo Rossello told a couple hundred supporters waving U.S. flags late Sunday that heContinue reading “Puerto Rico upholds statehood demand in contentious vote”

Internet withdrawal increases heart rate and blood pressure

https://medicalxpress.com/news/2017-05-internet-heart-blood-pressure.html   Scientists and clinicians from Swansea and Milan have found that some people who use the internet a lot experience significant physiological changes such as increased heart rate and blood pressure when they finish using the internet. The study involved 144 participants, aged 18 to 33 years, having their heart rate and blood pressureContinue reading “Internet withdrawal increases heart rate and blood pressure”

5 Women Workers Dead, 2 Injured After Lightning Strikes Chimney Of Rice Mill In Tamil Nadu

Five women were killed after lightning struck the chimney of a rice mill in Chengam, Tiruvannamalai district of Tamil Nadu on Friday. Two other women suffered injuries.  

Socialist Seattle City Councilwoman Lobbies for Seahawks to Sign Kaepernick

In a story that pretty much writes itself, Colin Kaepernick has received the free agency endorsement of a socialist on the Seattle city council.

Bomb Detonates Inside Car Of Former Greek Prime Minister And Central Banker Papademos

Greek media reports that an explosion targeting the car of former Greek prime minister and central banker Lucas Papademos was reported on Thursday afternoon, at roughly 6.30 p.m. local time, in central Athens. Reuters confirms: EXPLOSIVE DEVICE DETONATES INSIDE CAR OF FORMER GREEK CENTRAL BANKER LUCAS PAPADEMOS, INJURING HIM AND HIS DRIVER- GREEK POLICE OneContinue reading “Bomb Detonates Inside Car Of Former Greek Prime Minister And Central Banker Papademos”

Colombia: FARC Terrorists Abduct Ranchers, UN Employee as Peace Deal Kicks In

The Colombian government is preparing to reintegrate members of the FARC Marxist narco-terrorist group into its society as they undergo their first round of rehabilitation. FARC terrorists continuing to stage bombings and kidnappings have marred the process, however, which the Colombian people voted against last year. The national outlet Caracol Radio reported on Monday thatContinue reading “Colombia: FARC Terrorists Abduct Ranchers, UN Employee as Peace Deal Kicks In”

Person dressed as a tree had an average Monday

A human tree spotted blocking traffic at an intersection Monday afternoon is killing it in the costume department. A local TV editor posted a video on Twitter Monday afternoon of what appears to be a man dressed convincingly as a tree on a crosswalk in Portland, Maine. The video documented the tree’s slow-moving take-down byContinue reading “Person dressed as a tree had an average Monday”