Seven-time Deported Criminal Illegal Alien Arrested Again

A Mexican National with a long criminal rap sheet was taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers in Michigan. Federal prosecutors charged Rafael Munoz-Molina on May 10 with illegal reentry into the United States after seven prior deportations, MLive reported. Munoz-Molina was leaving a motel in Bay County when ICE officers pulledContinue reading “Seven-time Deported Criminal Illegal Alien Arrested Again”

DUI Suspect Who Hit Family Has Been Deported 15 Times Before

An illegal immigrant suspected of crashing into a California family while driving drunk has been deported more than a dozen times since 2002, according to federal immigration officials. Constantino Banda-Acosta was arrested Saturday night in San Ysidro after allegedly running a stop sign and slamming into a car carrying Benjamin Lake, his wife Ingrid and theirContinue reading “DUI Suspect Who Hit Family Has Been Deported 15 Times Before”