conspiracy writers rediscover the cia’s sex slaves

Conspiracy theories about mind control are nothing new. In fact, I’ve lost count how many books from Jim Marrs and David Icke purport some sort of mind control beam, or wave, or program by the nefarious Illuminati altering our consciousness so we become mere puppets to the will of an evil intelligence. And considering howContinue reading “conspiracy writers rediscover the cia’s sex slaves”

Pic Of Husky With Shaved Body Causes Concern

Huskies shouldn’t be shaved without a medical reason, a vet says. By Ron Dicker A viral photo of a shaved Siberian husky is getting a hair-raising reaction. The bizarre image of the breed’s familiar fur-coated head atop a completely shorn body has sparked concern among some viewers that such a severe haircut mayContinue reading “Pic Of Husky With Shaved Body Causes Concern”