JUST IN: Venomous lizard pulled from cargo plane in South Florida

A venomous lizard was pulled from a cargo plane in South Florida, authorities said. A black-throated monitor lizard, which is native to East Africa, was found by a worker Thursday night at Miami International Airport,  WPLG reported.

The Amazing Democrat U-Turn on the Firing of James Comey

Following the firing of FBI Director James Comey by President Donald Trump, many Democrats have criticized the President’s decision — despite having called for Comey’s resignation only a few months ago. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer told Bloomberg in November that he no longer had confidence in the abilities of former FBI Director James ComeyContinue reading “The Amazing Democrat U-Turn on the Firing of James Comey”

Trump’s Shocking PSA Results Indicated ‘Enlarged Prostate or Cancer’

Independent urologists reviewed Donald Trump’s health records and were shocked to discover he has extremely low PSA levels of 0.15. These experts told the New York Times that Trump’s PSA test results – used to determine prostate health – mean that the president “must have been treated for an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer.” ButContinue reading “Trump’s Shocking PSA Results Indicated ‘Enlarged Prostate or Cancer’”