Biden Administration Wants to Use Third-Party ‘Extremism’ Researchers to Spy on Americans – Media

The Biden administration focused the intelligence-gathering powers of the state inwards. — Read on

Judicial Watch: Huma Abedin Emails Show Favors for Clinton Foundation Donors

57 4   Hillary Clinton emails recently discovered on Anthony Weiner’s computer revealed, among other things, that as secretary of state, she helped Clinton Foundation donors. Clinton aide and Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin connected State Department officials to a Russian cultural organization, per a request by Clinton Foundation donor, Eddie Trump (no relation to PresidentContinue reading “Judicial Watch: Huma Abedin Emails Show Favors for Clinton Foundation Donors”

Billionaire Bigelow space mogul says he is ‘absolutely convinced’ there are aliens on Earth Read

Robert Bigelow’s aerospace company has built inflatable habitats with Nasa The billionaire said in an interview with 60 minutes that aliens are real He claimed there is an ‘existing presence’ of extraterrestrials on Earth  And the entrepeneur suggested he has spent ‘more than anybody else in the US’ on research into UFOs Read more:

Comey Admits Under Oath That Obstructions To Investigations “Never Happened”

It’s not happened in my experience. Caught on tape? Some have pointed out that Comey is responding specifically to a question whether someone at the Department of Justice or the Attorney General had ever asked him to halt an investigation. That is true, however, his response is not specific. His response is general… ” itContinue reading “Comey Admits Under Oath That Obstructions To Investigations “Never Happened””

nvoy: 5,000 Chinese Join al-Qaeda, Islamic State, Other Jihadists in Syria

by Edwin Mora11 May 201763 An estimated 5,000 members of China’s Uighur, or Uyghur, minority group are waging jihad on behalf of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), al-Qaeda, and other terrorist groups, according to Reuters, citing the Syrian ambassador to Beijing. “Our estimated numbers, because of the numbers we fight against, we kill, we capture, weContinue reading “nvoy: 5,000 Chinese Join al-Qaeda, Islamic State, Other Jihadists in Syria”

Mexican Cartel Kills Activist Mom Searching for Daughter’s Remains Among Mass Graves

Cartel gunmen have murdered a woman who led the search for her daughter’s remains and other victims in northern Mexico. The gunmen killed her on the day Mexico celebrates Mother’s Day. Mexican authorities have confirmed the murder of Miriam Elizabeth Rodriguez Martinez, on the night of May 10 in the city of San Fernando, Tamaulipas.Continue reading “Mexican Cartel Kills Activist Mom Searching for Daughter’s Remains Among Mass Graves”

How Many US High Schoolers Binge Drink?

Teen drinking has dropped in recent decades, but still about one-third of U.S. high schoolers say they drink alcohol, and one in six say they binge drink, according to a new report. The study, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, analyzed information from a yearly survey of high school students, conducted from 1991Continue reading “How Many US High Schoolers Binge Drink?”

Lester Holt: Trump ‘Makes a Fair Point’ About Democrat Hypocrisy On Comey

Trump: “Comey better hope that there are no tapes of our conversations.” NBC News anchor Lester Holt said following his interview with the president, that Trump handed him papers with around 20 quotes from Democrats slamming former FBI director James Comey, prior to his firing this week.

Mexican Border Apprehensions Hit 17-year Low

John Moore/Getty Images by Bob Price12 May 2017Washington, D.C. The arrests of illegal immigrants crossing the southwest border by Border Patrol agents decreased again in April. This is the fifth straight month of decline. The total apprehensions of illegal border crossers hit a 17-year low. The April report, released this week, reveals that apprehensions droppedContinue reading “Mexican Border Apprehensions Hit 17-year Low”

Trump Team Hails US-China Trade Deal As ‘Herculean Accomplishment’

China has agreed to open up its markets to U.S. financial firms and agriculture exports as part of a new bilateral trade agreement, in a decision the Trump administration called a “herculean accomplishment.” The deal will allow the U.S. to export beef to China and the latter to export cooked poultry to the U.S. Furthermore,Continue reading “Trump Team Hails US-China Trade Deal As ‘Herculean Accomplishment’”

Anxiety mounts as Italy moves to get more migrants out

© AFP / by Olivier BAUBE | About 60 percent of the thousands of migrants arriving in Italy each week have their asylum requests denied ROME (AFP) – Behind the high fences of the repatriation centre at Ponte Galeria, just down the road from Rome’s Fiumicino airport, dozens of women sit outside, waiting for word on whetherContinue reading “Anxiety mounts as Italy moves to get more migrants out”