POTUS Trump Signs HUGE VA Reform Bill Into Law

President Trump signed into law the “VA Accountability” bill on Friday. “The Department of Veteran Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017” will “[bring] accountability to VA” and “[hold] VA employees to a higher standard” and “protects employees’ due process rights” and “safeguards whistleblowers from retaliation” and simultaneously “benefits honest VA employees”.

Rand Paul: Armed Capitol Police Prevented A “Massacre”

Senator was at the baseball practice and credits police with saving his and many other lives   Following the barbaric shooting aimed at Republicans this morning in Alexandria, Virginia, Senator Rand Paul, who was at the scene, praised Capitol Police for preventing hundreds of deaths by promptly responding and engaging the gunman, whom it appears wasContinue reading “Rand Paul: Armed Capitol Police Prevented A “Massacre””

Rates of this Preventable Disease Quadrupled in 35 Years

Type 2 diabetes, a serious disease (especially if left untreated) that can result in amputations and lifelong complications, can usually be prevented through healthy diet and exercise, and that’s exactly what needs to happen, the World Health Organization (WHO) warns. The number of people with the condition has quadrupled in less than 40 years, with approximately 422 million people nowContinue reading “Rates of this Preventable Disease Quadrupled in 35 Years”