Texas nurse suspected of killing as many as 60 babies

WASHINGTON (AFP) – A Texas nurse jailed for killing a baby more than 30 years ago has been charged with the murder of another infant, and could be behind the deaths of as many as 60 babies, officials said on Friday (May 26). Genene Jones, 66, “is pure evil and justice warrants that she beContinue reading “Texas nurse suspected of killing as many as 60 babies”

Cultivating homegrown energy solutions

America’s biofuels provide a boost to petroleum imports   With all the publicity around fracking, it’s easy to assume that America’s own domestic oil production is more than enough to fuel a growing economy. It certainly helps. But there’s no magic bullet that will ensure long-term American energy security. Case in point: Data from theContinue reading “Cultivating homegrown energy solutions”

GLOBAL GREENING: Scientists Find ‘Lost’ Forests The Size Of Seven Texases

Scientists looking at forest cover in some of the world’s driest places found something astounding — “lost” forests covering an area nearly seven times the size of Texas. “We found new dryland forest on all inhabited continents, but mainly in sub-Saharan Africa, around the Mediterranean, central India, coastal Australia, western South America, northeastern Brazil, northernContinue reading “GLOBAL GREENING: Scientists Find ‘Lost’ Forests The Size Of Seven Texases”