Co. Pays Rastafari Cook $30k to Settle Govt.’s Dreadlock Discrimination Suit

A private business is paying tens of thousands of dollars to settle a discrimination lawsuit filed by the Obama administration on behalf of a male cook with long, matted and knotted hair required to practice an “Afrocentric” religion in which followers also smoke marijuana (“the spiritual use of cannabis”). Judicial Watch wrote about the outrageousContinue reading “Co. Pays Rastafari Cook $30k to Settle Govt.’s Dreadlock Discrimination Suit”

Here’s the Real Reason Tesla Makes No Money

Tesla’s capacity problem stems from poor worker-output ratio Zero Hedge – June 14, 2017 9 Comments   Elon Musk bills Tesla as the pinnacle of “lean” manufacturing. Just search for pictures of Tesla’s manufacturing plant and you’ll undoubtedly be served up futuristic looking images depicting 100’s of red robots building vehicles without a single employeeContinue reading “Here’s the Real Reason Tesla Makes No Money”

Sign Language Interpreter Steals The Show At Rapper Snoop Dogg’s Concert

“I’ve seen interpreters in schools, boring political meetings, court hearings, other events, but I have never seen one for a rap concert,” comments one person on Facebook.