Incredible graveyard of 5000-year-old ‘giants’ found in China

A graveyard of ‘giants’ buried 5,000 years ago has been uncovered by archaeologists in eastern China. The men, whose bones were discovered in Jiaojia village near Jinan City in Shandong province, would have towered above many of their contemporaries. A giants’ graveyard has been uncovered in Jiaojia village, eastern China  Credit: AsiaWire Many of the menContinue reading “Incredible graveyard of 5000-year-old ‘giants’ found in China”

Mexican Cartel Incinerating Victims’ Corpses near Texas Border

REYNOSA, Tamaulipas — Cartel members fighting for control of this border city are again taking up the practice of dismembering victims and using 55- gallon drums filled with fuel to incinerate the remains.  It is unclear how many have been incinerated, however, the fighting in the streets currently exceeds 65 documented casualties. Breitbart Texas hasContinue reading “Mexican Cartel Incinerating Victims’ Corpses near Texas Border”

Does This Dairy Industry Poll Prove Americans Are Dumb? Tim Pearce

Seven percent of American adults believe brown cows produce chocolate milk, according to a report released in early June from the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, which polled 1,000 adults in April, according to Aside from 16.4 million people in the U.S. believing there’s a correlation between a cow’s color and the milk itContinue reading “Does This Dairy Industry Poll Prove Americans Are Dumb? Tim Pearce”

Muslim Woman, 21, Set Afire By Mother, Siblings For Eloping With Dalit Man In Karnataka

A young pregnant Muslim girl beaten, stabbed and was set afire allegedly by her mother and siblings in a shocking case of suspected honour killing that has come to light in Karnataka’s Bijapur district, 400 km from the state capital and the country’s IT hub last week.

Bin Laden’s son wants to avenge his father, ex-FBI agent says

bin Laden documents reveal a loving, vengeful son who might take his father’s role atop an al Qaeda that’s stronger than ever, says ex-FBI agent Personal letters seized in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden reveal the al Qaeda leader’s son to be a young man who adores his father and wants to carryContinue reading “Bin Laden’s son wants to avenge his father, ex-FBI agent says”