U.S. Gives Developing Countries 60 Seconds With Vaccine Patents To Memorize Everything They Can

WASHINGTON—In an effort to combat the Covid-19 pandemic abroad, the U.S. reportedly gave developing countries 60 seconds with patents for the vaccine Thursday to memorize everything they can. “No pens, no paper—just you, your brains, and a minute on the clock,” said U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai, who collected Indian, Colombian, and Peruvian officials’ phonesContinue reading “U.S. Gives Developing Countries 60 Seconds With Vaccine Patents To Memorize Everything They Can”

Tuesday Live: Bill Gates Divorce Brings Out Details Of Farmland Empire, Epstein Visits And More

Vaccine pushers desperately cling to narrative as more grow wary over news of serious adverse side effects. — Read on http://www.infowars.com/posts/former-oregon-house-speaker-arrested-in-sex-trafficking-sting-tuesday-live/

Biden Administration Wants to Use Third-Party ‘Extremism’ Researchers to Spy on Americans – Media

The Biden administration focused the intelligence-gathering powers of the state inwards. — Read on http://www.infowars.com/posts/biden-administration-wants-to-use-third-party-extremism-researchers-to-spy-on-americans-media/

Putin: I Don’t Take Days Off Because ‘I’m Not A Woman’

  Vladimir Putin said he doesn’t take days off because he’s “not a woman” and doesn’t have to deal with “natural cycles.” “I am not a woman, so I don’t have bad days,” Bloomberg reported Putin as saying to filmmaker Oliver Stone. Putin insisted he was not trying to be offensive. “I am not trying toContinue reading “Putin: I Don’t Take Days Off Because ‘I’m Not A Woman’”

10K to the First Person to ‘Get MSM Is Fake News’ on Live TV Make a stand!

Mike Cernovich and Alex Jones raise the stakes of their contest live: ten thousand dollars to the first person to say MSM is fake news or terrorist media on live television and plug Infowars.

Trump Needs YOU at Bilderberg! Come and Support USA & Protest Globalists!

Going to the Trump rally at the White House? Afterwards, support President Trump outside the Bilderberg Meeting on Saturday, June 3 in Chantilly, Virginia starting at noon: Trump sacrificed a lot standing up for you, so please help him by showing the globalists you believe in America! We need to send a message to theContinue reading “Trump Needs YOU at Bilderberg! Come and Support USA & Protest Globalists!”

Iraqi Kurdish Leader Visits Russia to ‘Expand’ Relationship with Kremlin

The prime minister of the autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq described his recent visit to Russia as “an opportunity to expand the relationship” with the Kremlin “in all fields, including energy, economic and political sectors.” “We now have good relations, and we hope it will be better,” declared KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani,Continue reading “Iraqi Kurdish Leader Visits Russia to ‘Expand’ Relationship with Kremlin”

Disney under Investigation for H-1B Abuse, Say Feds

The Walt Disney Company and other employers regularly utilizing the H-1B visa program are under investigation for alleged abuse, according to a Department of Homeland Security letter to Congress. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) acting director James McCament wrote in a letter to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) that there are “multiple investigations” ofContinue reading “Disney under Investigation for H-1B Abuse, Say Feds”

Psychotherapy: Kathy Griffin ‘Beheads’ President

Kathy Griffin posed with the severed head of President Donald Trump in a bloody photo shoot for artist and photographer Tyler Shields this week. In one image, obtained by TMZ, the 56-year-old My Life on the D-List comedian looks directly into the camera while hoisting up Trump’s severed head, which is covered in dark redContinue reading “Psychotherapy: Kathy Griffin ‘Beheads’ President”

Texas nurse suspected of killing as many as 60 babies

WASHINGTON (AFP) – A Texas nurse jailed for killing a baby more than 30 years ago has been charged with the murder of another infant, and could be behind the deaths of as many as 60 babies, officials said on Friday (May 26). Genene Jones, 66, “is pure evil and justice warrants that she beContinue reading “Texas nurse suspected of killing as many as 60 babies”

Machete-Wielding Clown Terrorizes Drivers Along California Highway

Just when you thought this was over, the creepy clowns are back! A clown, dressed in a colorful blue suit, was spotted standing along Highway 101 in California on Wednesday, wielding what appeared to be a bloody machete over his head. Needless to say, his creepy outfit freaked out quite a few drivers, many of whom calledContinue reading “Machete-Wielding Clown Terrorizes Drivers Along California Highway”

Vladimir Putin: Russia Can Prove Donald Trump Did Not Give Classified Intel to Diplomats

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he is willing to share what transpired between President Donald Trump and Russian diplomats during recent meetings, which will show that no classified intelligence was discussed. Speaking at a joint press conference with visiting Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni on Wednesday, Putin said he had “no other explanation” for the claimContinue reading “Vladimir Putin: Russia Can Prove Donald Trump Did Not Give Classified Intel to Diplomats”

Skyrocketing bitcoin raises fears of asset bubble

Bitcoin was trading close to $1,900   The surge in the price of bitcoin has some worried that the world’s most popular cryptocurrency is an asset bubble in an unregulated market. Bitcoin was trading close to $1,900 against the US dollar on the Bitfinex exchange on Friday, pushing the market value of digital currencies toContinue reading “Skyrocketing bitcoin raises fears of asset bubble”

ABC Besieged by Boycott Calls After Cancelation of Conservative Tim Allen’s Hit Show

Highly rated multi-camera sitcom nixed because of Allen’s right-of-center political beliefs? It’s TV upfront week, which means major network cancellations are being announced left, right and center. But the liberal ABC Television Network’s decision to axe Tim Allen’s hit Friday night comedy The Last Man Standing has caused consternation among fans who suspect the highlyContinue reading “ABC Besieged by Boycott Calls After Cancelation of Conservative Tim Allen’s Hit Show”